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Wanted for Tag & Freezetag Game Type

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    I like those ideas for power ups. That can be quite interesting.

    For vehicles. I dont know, the goal for this gametype is to make it quite personal instead of people getting lost. Just like playing it in real life.

    Although, if we were to make a Vehicle Freeze Tag or Tag, then things could be changed mechanically to fit the larger environment. Even a large Player count can accompany it. Vehicles can have a ray gun, and can fit up to two players. One drives, one shoots. If you shoot a vehicle, everyone in it freezes...

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    How about a powerup like a freeze ray gun thingamajoegy blob.

    Maybe it could be like the link gun beam and freezes people, that would be wicked.

    How about a powerup like a heat wave instumetala spaner fob

    Maybe it could be like the link gun beam and unfreezes people, that would be wicked.

    Have you thought about vehicles, that needs to be taken into consideration.

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  • started a topic Wanted for Tag & Freezetag Game Type

    Wanted for Tag & Freezetag Game Type

    For the following project, I need these people to help complete it:
    • Mapper
    • UnrealScript Programmer
    • 3d Modeler
    • Texture Artist

    I will be project leader and lead level designer.

    If you are interested, please post in this thread or email me at contact (at) with examples of work.

    Tag & Freeze Tag Game Types
    The following game types use know materials or game rules from UT. Each game type consists of teams/players with one weapon (a modified metal bat), no health, no HUD (except for your score)

    The game consists of 1 Tagger and the rest are Norms.
    The Norms are those that have to avoid being tagged by the Tagger. If one gets tagged, they then take the place as the Tagger. The person who tagged the Norm then becomes a Norm themselves who has to avoid being tagged by the recently made Tagger.

    The Norms have no HUD nor do they have a Weapon. There job is o run away.
    The tagger are HUD-less too except they have a modified metal bat for a weapon. In order to tag someone, the tagger must attack the person with the metal bat. If you hold the attack button, you will store up energy to create a super attack. This super attack basically does the usual attack to a norm, but once you successfully attack, you will get immunity for 5 seconds.

    To win the game, the tagger must not reach their goal for 1 minute or possible 30 seconds. This setting can be changed before the game is created.
    Tag maps consist of a horizontal plane or around there of. Vertical maps will be too complicated and a nuisance to play with. Maps can be Soccer Fields, Deserts, Sci-fi, or real world. Maps should be reasonably small to avoid getting lost.

    Estimated player count should be 3-10.

    Note: I want to flesh out this gametype more. It would be annoying to be the tagger and everyone is running away like sheep and a wolf. There needs to be a way for the Norms to interact more.

    Freeze Tag
    Just like Tag, except with Teams. Red Vs Blue. Each team has no HUD except for the scores for each team. Each member also has their own bat.

    The goal is freeze all the members in the opposite team.
    If you are frozen, you cannot do anything. If an allie member attacks you, you are unfrozen.

    If you hold your attack button and successfully attack an enemy member, the frozen enemy is given a hiatus whereas you cannot unfreeze the person for 5 seconds. You also get immunity for 5 seconds from being frozen. You can block an attack by attack the person when they attack you. Basically if you face the person who is attacking, you must attack them at that time to cancel out the attacks.

    There is hidden power up (Only one in the level. Take 1 minute to respawn. It also respawn's in different areas each time. The location of this power up can be found in secret areas that can only be access through hidden walls, buttons, etc). This power up, once picked up, modifies your bat into the Uber Plasma Bat. This can only be used once, just like the redeemer. This basically turns you bat into a ranged weapon. Once fired, it launches. The missile moves fast unlike the redeemer. Then when it collides, it explodes in a moderately medium radius. Anyone on the enemy team caught in the radius is frozen. A trump card so to speak.

    Once a team successfully freezes the opposing team, they get a point.

    Estimated player count should be 4-18.

    Note: It would be interesting to get more power ups that wont unbalance the gameplay.