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REQUEST: Marginal Point System

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    REQUEST: Marginal Point System

    Sometimes it's better to just get yourself killed in a Death Match because of the scoring system. Could anyone make a gametype where your score is based on the difference between you total kills and total deaths.

    Say your playing a 30 kill count game and...
    Player A gets - 27 kills and 3 deaths
    Player B gets - 30 kills and 28 deaths

    Who's really better? Is it the guy that charged into every fight with the rocket launcher and killed slightly more but suicided himself to death, or is it the person who hardly died at all and butchered a mass amount of people?

    In the above situation the score for this proposed mutator would be...
    Player A - 24
    Player B - 2

    Now that's more fair!
    After thinking about this more, just make a game mode where you loss a point for dying. They would be mathmatically equal. Also, thank you in advance for anyone who does this!

    Maybe a toggel to adjust the punishment for dying would prevent games from dragging out. Therefore, I'd like a slider that lets one chose your the point penalty. Make it so you can lose one point for every 1,2,3,4 or maybe even 5 times that you die.


      Anyone up to making this? It should be the easiest request I've made to date!



        the game it the .


          Except that these scoring models promote camping heavily. I still think the traditional pts model is better coupled with a tradition k/d ratio.