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[Request] UT3 character Converter

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  • [Request] UT3 character Converter

    Converts UT99/Unreal/UT2003/UT2004 Character Models to UT3.

    Using scripts based of the tutorials by other character model makers, please. It would help process more of those characters everyone on the request topic wanted since most of them have been previously made for those games.

    [NOTE] If such a program is created, would someone possibly try experimenting with Helmet/goggle features for the PS3? Right now it's not possible to get a facemask working, and anything is worth a try at the moment. Thank you.

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    i totally agree with you m8, as i know there is a map converter out , and a converter for models would be perfect. Also modders could try to remake them, like someone did with Romulus. And i'm really looking forward to fix that ps3 problem


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      Impossible. UT3 uses a skeletally animated model format, and, as such, requires character models to be rigged to a skeleton. The UT3 skeleton is very different to that of UT2003/4 and I'm pretty sure Unreal 1/UT99 character models are not skeletally animated. Any models which peopel want to be converted from earlier Unreal and UT games will need to be re-rigged, segmented and heavilly altered in a modelling package, it's impossible to automate the process.


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        Ah dammit. I see. If only it was as simple as selecting the skeletal wire frame that best suits the look of the old figure, and aligning them... Oh well.


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          yeah, i want this to