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WANTED - coder for Resident Evil mod

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    WANTED - coder for Resident Evil mod

    I need a coder for our mod project. We currently have a mapper, weapons modeller, prop modeller and character modeller as well as concept artist.

    We need help coding for our mod since it needs wuite a few alterations.

    The gyst of the mod is to recreate the online experiance of Resident Evil outbreak with a twist of Resident evil 4 gameplay to make it that much sweeter. The overview goes like this:
    Resident Evil: Outbreak resurrection begins a couple of days after the initial outbreak in Raccoon City when the T-virus was released, moments before the crisis erupts into complete chaos. The game ends in the final moments of the incident, with the player attempting to escape Raccoon City before the U.S. government launches a missile strike to eliminate the threat posed by the T-Virus.

    If you want to learn more about the mod and its status please go to:

    also we are looking for any other enviromental artists to model props.