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    Headshot Scoreboard

    the clan im in(Sniper Scope) is good at snipeing & good at close range & i just thought if its not too much effor can someone plz make a mod that will display a score board that tell other players how many headshots a player has gotten(this will go down if friendly fire is on & you headshoot your teammate)

    thanks a million in advanced

    I whould also love a mod that shows more Stats, Headshots, but also kills per weapon, multi-kills ect, ect, ect. There is a Adv Score mod but it dose not include Headshot ect.
    Lots of ppl have pleaded for the return of the F4 Stat Page from UT2004 to be included in a patch. We can only hope and pray that Epic Listen.

    I do hope that someone out there can make this for you in the meanwhile. Good luck.