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    External Information

    Hey guys, I have a thought that I would love. I know most people will hate it, and shout about it but the important thing I think is that I would like it.

    My idea is to have certain information from UT sent to an external program so it can be sent to another device. My idea for this is to have my health, armor, current ammo and any specials such as jumpboots to be sent to a DS to be displayed on its top screen, and perhaps to show the scoreboard, or maybe the minimap on the bottom.

    As said, I realise that many people will hate this idea, but I think I could use it brilliantly, to minimise screen clutter by hiding the HUD.

    All I really need to know is if it is possible to output the information required within a client-side mut. Obviously a seperate program would be needed to send across the network, and a furtherto run on the DS (or PSP/Palm whatever) but those are quite simple. I just need to know if it could be output. Then I can actually think about furthering info.

    Cheers guys

    There's no current technique for getting UT3 to interface with an external application.


      Wow, that was quick.
      OK, thanks. Hopefully something may change in the future, and I can look into it again. As well to try, better than regretting later.

      Thanks ambershee