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Turok Rage wars levels

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    Turok Rage wars levels

    If anyone is familier with this game they know the sheer amount of maps on it. Granted some weren't... great but some just warm my heart (not when I fall in lava though )

    In order of quantity were: DM, Team DM, CTF and frag tag (see below)

    Frag Tag - Similar to Turok 2, in this game a random player is transformed into a monkey. Points are scored for other players by fragging the monkey. It is possible to temporarily turn the other players into monkeys if you are the original.

    Anyone thinking of re-making some of the maps from this game?

    (wouldn't mind the weapons too)

    I had this game as well. It was pretty fun, but too hard to aim...and too choppy for the game's pace.

    Anyway, I wouldnt mind seeing some remakes, If i remember right a lot of the levels looked like South American temples.