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    My LGDDefault.lgp is located at

    C:\ProgramData\Logitech\G-series Software\Keyboard\Profiles

    Remember, I'm on Vista and if I remember correctly, ProgramData was hidden.


      Ok Thnx I tried to scan for *.lgp and found nothing, maybe it is indeed hidden. I use XP pro, so i try to search again. Maybe i will search tru registers something must show up there too.


        Ok i found the LGDDefault.lgp in windows xp pro. It was in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Logitech\G-series Software\Keyboard\Profiles.
        So what i did was go to keyboardprofiler and import LGDDefault.lgp. It now loads all the profiles in the profiler. Now you assign a macro to a G-Key and setup your own profile. Then goto profileproperties ( in dutch profieleigenschappen ) and assign ut3.exe to the profile. Now you have your UT3 profile working.


          Originally posted by Ewreck View Post
          I got a response from logitech and they explained me that the reason that G15 doesn't detect UT3 is because I did't instal UT3 on the C disk. So they suggest me to install UT3 on C. Then the profiler should find UT3.
          This is not what i want to do, so no profile for UT3 for me unless i make him myself.

          This explanation is, incidentally, utter ****.

          I have UT3 installed on my C-drive, and my G-15 profiler can't detect UT3 either. And yes, I have all the appropriate updates.