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UT3 Logitech G15 Applet

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    UT3 Logitech G15 Applet


    I've also requested this on the Beyondunreal Forums.
    Could some one make a Logitech G15 Applet for UT3 ?
    A bit like the one that was released for UT2k4.

    So that you can see your ammo status on the lcd. And possible make it cycle with another screen that displays your Health and Armor, Kills, Deaths, Score and Ping.

    If there is already an applet capable of doing this or already being made could you share the download location or the location to find the progress of it. Preferred is an applet that you can use without an extra program, where you only need the G15 with it's retail software and UT3.

    Any one more then only me and the dude on BU forums that is interested in this?


      Well, i too have a g15 and like my applets....but it wouldn't really work for UT3.
      Because: You look away from the screen = you're dead.

      Useful would be: IP, Players, installed mutators on the server - because that's information you can use when dead.


        I founded it quiet useful in UT2k4 when playing onslaught and walking/driving to a note/place of fight. I then only had to look at my lcd to see the ammo amount to know which weapons I could use or for which weapons I need to be for a look out for drops / ammo.

        Server name (/ip) and Mutators sounds like a nice idea as well.
        Maybe even the amount of players per team that way you can look down for a sec. to see that information instead of going to the menu's to see how many which takes more then a sec.


          Yes i kinda miss that too.

          Know i've developed some C++ applications like 3 years ago - so it has been a while since then. But looks much like standard Windows API the SDK...

          So to Query the Unreal 3 server - do we have an sdk for that too or ?


            I have a G15 v2 as well.

            I would be grateful to anyone inclined to make this happen.


              Since one week i also have a G15. But UT3 profiles, wich supposed to be supported don't seem to work. Not even can G15 find UT3. So i emailed to logitech and they are finding out what the problem could be, so as soon if i have news i let you guys know.


                If i come across a G15 il look in to it cant make you guys an app without the hardware myself.

                Edit: ouch... £50 for a plastic keyboard? that rules me out picking one up off ebay lol.


                  That would be great Brad. And yes they are expensive bought mine second hand for 40 euros. I looked all over the internet but nobody has a profile or an applet.


                    hmm in their site (logiteh) they say that ut3 is supported




                      I got a response from logitech and they explained me that the reason that G15 doesn't detect UT3 is because I did't instal UT3 on the C disk. So they suggest me to install UT3 on C. Then the profiler should find UT3.
                      This is not what i want to do, so no profile for UT3 for me unless i make him myself.


                        I have solved this problem (for me). Please note that I am running Vista 64-bit ultimate and installed UT3 and G15 software according to their default file folder settings.

                        Locate your file called LGDDefault.lgp

                        Make a copy called LGDDefault_orig.lgp so that you can revert back if necessary.

                        Edit LGDDefault.lgp

                        Locate the text string ...

                        "<signature key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" subkey="SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Uninstall\{BFA90209-7AFF-4DB6-8E4B-E57305751AD7}" value="InstallLocation" executable="ut3.exe"/>

                        Change to...

                        "<signature key="HKEY_CURRENT_USER" subkey="Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Uninstall\InstallSheild_{BFA90209-7AFF-4DB6-8E4B-E57305751AD7}" value="InstallLocation" executable="ut3.exe"/>

                        Hope this helps.


                        Note that this only enables the included G15 UT3 profile. I would still love to see an LCD applet if someone wants to take this on.


                          Good job WoodTick,

                          I have windows xp and didn't install UT3 on C but will give it a go anyway. No hurt in trying.
                          And yeah we can only hope somebody makes a lcd applet one day.



                            there must be a way to force gamepanel to read exe from non default location....


                              I think i found my problem i think. I can not even find LGDDefault.lgp
                              It is at least not in programfiles/logitech.
                              Any Idea's?