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A simple idea: Super Jump (NOT low gravity)

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  • A simple idea: Super Jump (NOT low gravity)

    Basically this would make your jumps less "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"-esque and more of a "Let it all go, Neo" jump from The Matrix style. Don't get me wrong, i love low gravity jumping, but sometimes the slow descent can get annoying when trying to do strategic retreats (Lol). So is a normal gravity, super high jump possible? And i don't mean the Quad jump where you just jump four times. I mean a single, quick leap *followed by a smaller second one of course* with a quick descent ala The Matrix.

    Input would be nice.

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    Well, I'm sure there would be a way to do something similar, like make every player start with Jump Boots that have 50 charges or something.

    Of course, then you would just regular jump and if you tried to double-jump, you'd have liftoff lol...