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  • Gears Mod

    I can’t believe someone hasn’t mentioned this yet, but I think a Gears of War (GOW) mod would be sweet. This could be accomplished by a few simple Mutators. First, slow down character movement, similar to the existing Slo Mo mod. Second, default 3rd person cam, with an option to swap to a close up over the shoulder cam in game, just like GOW. A truly ambitious moder could create a Gears of War vs. Unreal conversion. Add a few new weapons. Lancer, Primary fire similar to Minigun, Secondary fire would be the chainsaw bayonet, functions similar to Impact Hammer. Boomshot, Primary Fire, single shot Rocket grenades. Secondary Fire, three shot Rocket grenades. The possibilities are endless. Just an idea, Thoughts?

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    I can't believe you didn't do a search before posting this. This idea has been thrown around a LOT on these forums, but it wouldn't be allowed, since it's ripping off another licensed product (yes, I know it's by the same devs, doesn't matter).


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      I did search plenty, all a saw was a request for a Gears parody that was like two lines. I do realize that using Gears characters and such would be against licenses. It would not be against any license to create a mutator to slow down character movement and play using a different camera. Maybe I wans't clear enough, I know people have asked for Gears characters and such, all I was saying is hay it would be fun to play a slower paced game from a different perspective with this engine. The other part with the weapons that was just hopeful thinking. Sorry for the confusion.


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        the thing we need is the cover system


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          It's easy: instead of human vs locusts with gow weapons you do human vs necris with unreal weapond and you do a clone without breaking the law...


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            Originally posted by D4rkW4rr10r View Post
            the thing we need is the cover system
            Don't think that will happen.

            But if they would slow down the game speed, add a "sprint" button (maybe L2, left trigger, on a controller?) and if possible a shakey cam when sprinting, then that would de quite similar.


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              the cover system was already done for ut2004


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                Even better if that's included.


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                  Originally posted by RoPass View Post
                  it would be fun to play a slower paced game from a different perspective with this engine.
                  Sorry about the snarky remark last night, it was late and I was in a bad mood.

                  Anyway, I hate to tell you this and sound snarky again, but GoW is already that exact game. It uses the same engine as UT3. I know where you're coming from, and to be honest, I would d/l it in a second, but you're essentially asking someone to take a lot of time to recode a game that already exists.

                  I guess what I'm getting at is that if you want to play GoW, you're just going to have to go out and pony up the bucks for the actual game.


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                    But that would also mean getting a x360 or a better pc. Well, in my case.

                    Aside from the cover sytem (which I think would not really be necessary) all the thinks I mentioned before could be done, could they?
                    Action-cam is already out. Now, I don't know if a sprint ability is hard to add, or even to "stick" (don't know how to say it in English) the function to a key. For a controller it would be even harder, I guess.

                    And could a shaky cam be done in UT3?

                    A slower gamespeed is easy to achieve by adding the slow-mo mutator at the game setup.


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                      Originally posted by Masked Muchacho View Post
                      Don't think that will happen.

                      But if they would slow down the game speed, add a "sprint" button (maybe L2, left trigger, on a controller?) and if possible a shakey cam when sprinting, then that would de quite similar.
                      Working on an open source framework. The cover system is already in the UT3 source, it just needs implementing in the players and maps.

                      Anyway, if you want to play GoW, just play GoW...


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                        Read the first line in my last post.

                        Besides, my first reaction was based on something I read somewhere on the forums. So I thought it wasn't possible.
                        Obviously it is possible. Now I know.


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                          Thanks for the feedback, I hear what your saying. I already own Gears on 360 and PC, a little disappointed in the PC version, hopefully a patch is coming soon. I guess after playing so many FPS it was so nice to have a change of perspective like GEARS, Warhawk, ect.. I love this game and really enjoy the action cam mod. I thought it would be cool to keep the same weapons jump / dodge system with slower move speed and and additional camera. V2 of the action cam mod is going to have a swap between 1st and 3rd person I'm guessing similar to UC2 so that will be cool. 99% of the time I'm playing console games so I guess I prefer a slightly slower paced game. Anyone know if a simple character move speed mod is available? It seems like the existing Slo Mo mod slows down everything, projectiles, character ect...


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                            I remember reading about Gears of War back when it still had some Unreal spin-off name...and it was originally planned to be an fps...and some guys from Epic said in an interview "after we saw how cool it looked in a third person perspective...the animations combined with the motion blur...we immediately called MS to change some things around"...something to that nature anyway...

                            I am not much of a fan of the 360, mostly because of quality issues...too afraid of one taking a dump constantly on me, which I have seen happen to way too many friends and family...combine that with the fact that I have a pretty weak business laptop only anymore...and I haven't been able to own Gears...

                            but Gears of War is one of those rare games that has a level of awesome that just can't be denied...I love UT3 just as much, but mostly because of how it takes me back to being 16 again and only caring about PC shooters...the the low shaky cam that comes in during a sprint in Gears is one of the coolest looking things ever put in a game...the chainsaw w/ blood splatter...awesome...

                            what I would like is some of that Gears stuff put into UT3...kind of combining the two...keep the UT3 speed and weapons (well PS3 speed anyway)...lock it in the 3rd person view, with a slight over the shoulder zoom available to each weapon (of which slows panning considerably though)...enable a similar "dumb fire" sprint that lowers the camera, and kicks up the blur and could speed you up to PC like running speed, yet similar to Gears; it only allows you to make a very broad turning sweep...and finally, like mentioned above...have some sort of awesome melee that totally humiliates your opponent...the blood splatter with the impact hammer currently is awesome...but its pretty hard to pull off a lot when people know what that sound is...

                            thats it imo...I don't really want it as slow as gears...and don't really want that cover system either...but I don't see how it would be too hard to combine the coolest parts of both games...


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                              i have a 360 and ps3 but i wouldn't mind some of the gears maps and locust characters for ut3, it would be bad ass