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Modding Die by the Sword into UT3 (UE3)

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    So, can anyone give any tips or something?



      Despite the complexity of the project, I still would like to see someone pick this project up.


        Originally posted by Oakwarrior View Post
        So, can anyone give any tips or something?
        Hope this helps.

        You should also check out other game engines for what you want to do. Here some mods using Valve source engine with malee combate.
        you could probably ask some of them for advice.

        Or Crysis
        The reason I put crysis in here, is because theres already some form of melee in the game:
        you can pick up certain branches and swing them like a club or sword, and you can Punch the S**T out people, which is always fun.

        Or you could wait until projectoffsets game come out, which will have malee combat.


          bump? looking at DBTS, it looks like a great idea.


            i know this thread is like 3 years old but anyone looked at the crucible weapons? they've got a hammer, works the exact same (not to mention that 3 uppercut kills with it rewards you with 2 swords )


              Let me tell you something. You must be insane to assume that you'll get an easy/hard answer that would satisfy you. Allow me, please, to explain it to you in complete full detail, why I used words so harsh.

              The level of difficulty of this task will depend on person or persons you ask about the given tasks directly. So I won't say whether it's easy or hard, because that's a question for people who would work on such a conversion.

              First let's assume that you wouldn't want Die By The Sword complete remake, but only implementing the gameplay mechanics into UT3. Such task would require the following:

              - 3D artists and animators to add animations to existing player models so that they could use melee weaponry such as swords or clubs. Models for these would also have to be done.
              - coders would have to make the game utilize the additional animations in order to make all this appear during play.

              For a complete remake of Die By The Sword, you would firstly require permission from the current copyrights holder, which may be difficult to obtain in some cases, easier in others. Should you receive such a permission, you would need practically a complete development team to pull it off -I'd recommend to switch to UDK for this, since it has many content creation features that UT3 still lacks, and with the permission from the current copyrights holder you would be free to do that. On with what you'd need:

              - You'd require concept artists that would create visions of how the game's levels, enemies, protagonists and everything else should be updated to current generation visual and audio level.
              - You'd require modellers and animators to create all the pawns, weaponry, decoration elements, etc, etc.
              - You'd require texture artists to create updated textures for the environment as well as all objects and pawns.
              - You'd require mappers to create game levels.
              - You'd require sound technicians to update the game's sound effects to current generation quality level.
              - You'd require coders to make the entire framework behind the game, so stuff the players don't really see or care about until it's broken -- so gametypes, weapon working rules, game balance, menu, everything literally.

              I'm not saying you'd require an army of people. Some teams have one person per position and still are able to create content in fairly decent tempo, but still overloading people with duties might rather slow them down than make 'em speed up. And there's quite a lot of content, since we're talking a big commercial game (and add-on Limb from Limb), not some 3-level freeware minigame. So yes, it'd be quite a challenge, especially if your team was inexperienced. If you managed to enlist experienced modders, this would definitely make things easier, but it'd still be time consuming.

              To top it off, there is the question of legality -- as I have said on the beginning, you might have a hard time getting a permission to remake the game, so that's an important factor adding to the challenge.

              I'm not saying "Don't do it", but if you indeed think seriously of organizing such an endeavor, you must know what the challenges lie before you and why exactly did these challenges appear in the first place.

              There's your concrete answer, the best one you'll most likely get.