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Need People for a Total Conversion Mod [Idea]

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    Need People for a Total Conversion Mod [Idea]

    Hi, I'm looking for a good team of people who can help me with this project I have in mind...
    It will be a modification for Unreal Tournament III or Gears of War but the thing is that it is for a stand alone single player/multiplayer game. I actually got all my story and I really really want to get it shown to the world and thought that UT3 or Gears of War would be the best way to make it happen. The big problem is that I don't know anything about game code, and I just took some tutorials about modeling and skinning but nothing important. I have worked with UnrealEd and made some maps but again nothing outstanding... but I do know how to draw and I really got this story that has been updating with the pass of some time now.

    Well, mi idea is making a total conversion mod for one of these games, only multiplayer at first; but well, I was hoping to make the campaign UT3 style later on...

    Whats the idea tho... --_--
    If you have an Idea you should share it, I think that'll get people helping you if they like it.


      don't be too friendly now...that's just me. good luck, iono ish either lol


        let me know

        hello, I've had some experiance with a total conversion in ut3. im looking to make one with gears of war, but from what i can see the source code wasn't realesed with the game. if you find out anything about that please let me know


          Just having an idea is not a very good basis for setting up a mod team, unless it is a very good idea. And I don't mean "yeah, that'd be nice" good, but "OMFG!!" good. Chances are that everyone with the skills to actually make something thinks the idea is only half as good, so it has to be really good to start with.

          Also consider the amount of effort required for various roles:
          • Coming up with a very small and simple idea: 20 seconds.
          • Fleshing out the idea into something specific: an hour.
          • Getting the idea into the game: a week.

          Now that's just the very small and simple idea. For complex or big ideas, add some zeroes to the numbers.

          Now consider who's doing almost all the work; not the guy with the idea. See how many people you can find that are willing to spend loads of their spare time on someone else's idea. Anyone with the skills to make anything probably has loads of ideas of their own. That's why yours better be a really good idea.

          Failing that, get some skills to do most of the work yourself.