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[Request] Aida, Sapphire & Selket

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    Ok so I recently found out that Sapphire was the former leader of the Iron Guard (yeah I didn't know this lol )

    So what I thought of doing is maybe taking the existing parts of the iron guard and color some of the parts to fit to Sapphire's style as well as making a few custom parts.

    Oh yes, Sly I did actually make face a bit narrower but I see what you mean. I've been using the old model as a reference and yeah my character's head still looks a bit "fat" in the face.

    I'll see what I can cook up with the character.


      nice, her head is now looking much closer. may i make a few more suggestions?

      - a) hair direction needs to converge on her pony tail knot, like the original
      - b) hair in the front needs to be moved back a bit and needs a bit more shaping
      - c) face side profile shape could match a bit better on her mouth. her lips should be more visible from side view--currently a bit flat from the side.
      - d) ear is currenly too oval. could use some trimming near the bottom half to look more realistically shaped.
      - darker hair with highlights
      - thinner jaw and pointier chin


        Dude, this is 2011! You should have started doing this in 2007. Lol, just joking.

        I'd like to add the suggestion of improving her face skin, it looks too "plastified". Other than that and all suggestions above, the model looks brilliant so far.

        As for the extra parts, how about you create a custom team with all these Unreal divas and have all their parts changeable between them?

        edit: Oh, and I just can't wait to see Aida in UT3, it would be a dream come true.


          Thanks for the feedback, yeah I still have a lot to do on her, I have been working on the skin to make it more natural instead of the "perfect" type of look.

          Your Idea could work, think it be better If I use the characters of 2004 like you say. Though it'll be a fairly big job, but none that I can't handle, so just for the time being, don't expect any release soon, as I'll be looking into bringing more of the mercs from 2004 to complete the team.

          I'll see what I can cook up on the character parts, I'll send updates as I add the 2004 mercs to the team.

          Edit: For now I'm only going to work with the female mercs, not all the characters of 2004, will see how things will go, after that I'll maybe consider in adding the ones that aren't added at the moment.


            Its been some time since I last checked the forums and never did I expect someone to actually do a model for any of these characters, the model looks great.

            Great timing to since I just got back into the game.

            I will keep an eye on this thread for sure. Hope you keep up the good work.


              any update on the progress of this project?