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[Request] Aida, Sapphire & Selket

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    [Request] Aida, Sapphire & Selket

    Hi, could someone please import Aida(Unreal2) and Sapphire(UT2003/4) to UT3?
    EDIT: Oh, and Selket(UC2)

    I would do it myself if I knew how to, but I don't know **** about modeling or anything related to it.

    EDIT2: Here are some pics for those who doesn't know the characters.
    These are some pics I got real quick could probably get better once if anyone wants.




    Originally posted by Reverse View Post
    Hi, could someone please import Aida(Unreal2) and Sapphire(UT2003/4) to UT3?
    +1 on the Aida model, really enjoyed that one (still do, in fact) in 2K4. Unfortunately, getting models into UT3 is extremely difficult at the moment, only a few people can do it and they probably have other plans. But yeah, definitely good idea...


      +1 .................


        Hey nice idea.

        Finally someone else would also like to see Aida, as well as sapphire in UT3.

        I can maybe try my hand at UT3, however I've only made characters for UDK before. Dunno know if I could do the same routines with UT3. Not quite sure how UT3 handles things but it isn't hard to get a custom character working in UDK.

        Will look into it, but can't promise anything at the moment.


          Sapphire UT3

          Greetings all

          Just a little update on the character, follow the link below for a screenshot. XD Just started recently will remake a new texture plus a new model. Using the original model as a guideline.


            lok good so far


              WOW! Impressive! You can leave the texture like that, it's really okay!


                Well I'm actually trying to keep the texture as close to the original one as possible while still improving upon it as much as possible. I've recreated the arms so that they take more the shape of a woman's arms.

                Currently working on the boots as well as the upper body. I'm not the best texture artist but I'll try to keep it "okay" lol


                  nice! can't wait to see the head


                    Greetings everyone, thought I should show you guys how the model is going. Recently started to work on the face still have a lot to do on her but this is what I have so far.

                    Still Have to texture her hands and add a few more hair bits so that she looks more like her original model. Just have a question to everyone here. Would you guys like to be able to customize the character, take of the "glasses" thing as well as some extra body parts or not?

                    Hope you guys like it so far.

                    I do have the Aida and Selket models so I'll see what I can do about them as well, for now Sapphire is my concern and I'll bring updates as the models progress.


                      thanks for the pics. may i offer some suggestions? i wish the face would look closer to the original by...

                      - make nose thinner / smaller
                      - make slightly thicker lips
                      - make glasses bigger
                      - make hair more like original. bangs and larger pony tail
                      - body is looking pretty good, but the hips is too narrow and should be a bit wider

                      still looking pretty good so far. any chance of making these improvements?

                      BTW: the removable glasses thing would be cool if you can make her eyes look good.


                        Thanks for the feedback, sure will look into the improvements, I'm however still working on the face still have a lot of things to do to it.

                        I also thought the hips should be a bit wider, cause the original sapphire's hips was also a bit thin. Anyway I'll work on the improvements and post updates.


                          oops, misuse of words. i meant "hips" not "waist"


                            Well I made a few adjustments however I'm still not quite happy with everything but this is what I've changed.

                            Having a hard time with the hair, use to making Robots that don't have anything like hair lol


                              Hm.. make her chin a bit more narrow or even better would be to make the whole face a bit more narrow. What concerns the hair, yeah, she looks a bit old right now (grey hair ). Maybe you should copy the original part of the texture with the hair and make an uniform very dark grey color and add a shiny effect to it?
                              Except for this: Awesome work!
                              (yeah, customization would be awesome - feel free to make changable whatever you like )