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UT3-Action-mod [suggestion & idea]

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    UT3-Action-mod [suggestion & idea]

    Not to be confused with the Action series (half-life, quake etc...) Just couldn't find a better name.

    The goal is to give UT3 even more action(s) make movement more drastic and versatile. Basicly it would be a collection of mutators doing stuff like:

    - walljump (like walldodging but more height gained and less horizontal movement) The point is that player would be able to get on higher places they could before by jumping of walls (much like in ninja and kunfu movies where you run up a wall and jump to a higher area oposite or near the wall you jump off.)

    - Rocket, grenade etc... jumping

    - Bunny hopping Increases momentum every successfull jump without any other type of movement in between. works with jumping, and walljumping. Not with dodging.

    - Wallrunning when you jump to a wall you can "stick" to that wall a small amount of time, can be combined with a walljump afterwards.

    - Pro mutator start with all weapons

    - Tweaking no self-damage, acceleration, jump heights, weapon damages and so on. So servers and maybe tournaments/leagues can specify rulesets

    - packed with CustomUT

    With the mutator/mod maps should be made especially for it, simple maps like the HOLP map where skill and timing in function of the specifice map gives you an advantage.


    this is a suggestion and idea, meaning if this would be wanted and others are interested in developing it I will take part in it's development. I haven't done anything of the kind, but I have some programming (as I do it for a living) and mapping experience.


    yay I managed to make a mutator that allows you do to double jump of a wall. Still far from finished It just works on a wall to the right and I got to figure out how to give the pawn some momentum away from the wall.


      We are looking for a no self-damage mutator that works...good luck!



        Maybe crouching?


          I'm working on a MOD that is kinda like oriented this way, but think about it...

          Wallrunning is cool, but what does it do? Simply reach a distance in time, the same thing you can achieve with a Wall-jump or a double-jump what is far more useful to achieve and program.

          But, I admit that a Wall-run is always cool to look at ^^ .


            You can crouch with C?