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I give you ideas for new guns, from my brain. Whee!

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    I give you ideas for new guns, from my brain. Whee!

    You probably know as well as I do that once enough people have fully grasped UT3's editor, many weapon packs will eventually start popping up left and right. Some medieval steel here, some hyper-realistic modern gear there, and many older mods like Chaos or Mercury Missile gradually being remade. But there are some folks out there wanting something just a little bit less conventional - so I've compiled a list of all kinds of ideas for new guns, and the slots they fill, for you aspiring mod monkeys out there to experiment with and improve on. The game already has a Weapon Swap mutator out of the box, but nothing to swap with yet. Let's help it out, yes?


    TENDERIZERS (Impact Hammer slot)
    A pair of Juggernaut gauntlets rebuilt so that smaller, less constipated races can wear them, and outfitted with hydraulic smashing devices on the knuckles and reinforced bracers curving outwards. Tenderizers function like the melee weapons in Dark Messiah, rapidly clicking Fire to hammer away with quick jabs, or holding Fire to charge a heavy attack that swipes in the direction you're currently moving. Alt Fire brings up your bracers to block incoming attacks - in fighting game fashion, you take no block damage from light attacks, but heavy strikes and small projectiles will chip away at your health (naturally, there's no way to block attacks from behind, carefully placed sniper rounds, falling trucks or anything that explodes). Tenderizers also pack a third counter attack - as soon as you block a lighter attack, immediately attacking afterwards causes you to hurl yourself fists first at your opponent's head, a successful hit knocking them flat on their backs and leaving them open to a painful trouncing.

    ANGLE GRINDER (Impact Hammer slot)
    A common DIY power tool which makes a good substitute for classic UT's chainsaw, grinding faces off just as efficiently as it grinds edges off floor tiles - hold Fire to tear into the nearest meat being, or use Alt Fire to deal a slow overhead swipe that brings instant death to those who forget to grab the helm armor.

    TOMMY II (Enforcer slot)
    An upgraded Tommy gun which is similar to the assault rifle in UT2k3, only capable of causing physical harm. The 30-bullet ammo drum is inserted along the top of the gun like a crossbow bolt... and can also be fired as such. Alt Fire propels the ammo drum with enough force that it detonates on impact, throwing shrapnel and bullets in all directions; more bullets in the drum, more bullets flying into people's backs. It's possible to wield akimbo Tommy II's, though you must be careful with the longer reload times.

    SLUGGER (Enforcer slot)
    A significantly larger, heavier variant of the old Desert Eagle design, the Slugger fires sizable heated bullets that dramatically cool down and generally deal far less damage at long range. It's most effective when used up close, executioner style, and its Alt Fire exemplifies this - using the hooked blade that curves out from under the chamber. Like the Enforcer, you can carry two Sluggers for twice the limb loppage.

    OVENMASTER (Bio Rifle slot)
    Propane-based flamethrowers have mostly proven to be useless, their sorely lacking range and power making them better suited to cooking meals than people. The Ovenmaster sprays a gelatinous tar-like substance that ignites upon atmosphere exposure, creating a flaming arc that torches whatever surface it sticks to for a fair while. You can rain death on those below you, or fill small corridors with hazardous flames as you make an escape. Alt Fire spits a large wad of white-hot tar which is heavier than a Bio Rifle's fully charged attack, but with a much wider spread and the same lethal effect, a direct hit on unarmored foes boiling them alive until they explode like poodles. And if they somehow survive, they will have to avoid any sparks, fires or sunlight until they wash off the tar coating them.

    DYNAMITE (Bio Rifle slot)
    A bundle of good old dynamite in one hand, a lighter in the other... sometimes, that's all one needs. The four-second fuse gives you time to throw the bundle into a crowd before jumping away from the sizable blast. Alternatively you can simply drop the lit dynamite before your feet - or, if you're close enough, into another player's hands, forcing them into an extra firey game of Hot Potato.

    BLUNDERBUSTER (Shock Rifle slot)
    A favourite amongst big game hunters and Swedish chefs alike, the Blunderbuster is an 18th century blunderbuss outfitted with only the most practical Tournament augmentations. True to its original design, it unloads a tight cluster of metal pellets that mashes brains at range just as effectively as a close-range blast from a Flak Cannon - the shot won't hit the instant you squeeze the trigger, though, so you will have to lead your target. This is made a little easier with the Blunderbuster's tracking scope (Alt Fire), which offers a 3x zoom and a visible motion predictor which paints a mark pointing in the direction your current target is moving, much like the Mercury Missile mod.

    TESLABASTARD (Link Gun slot)
    Vaguely similar to the 2k3 Lightning Gun in some respects, though geared more towards mid-range combat than sniping. Four conductors extend outwards in a cone - holding Fire releases a violently lashing electric stream from each conductor, linking to the armor of nearby opponents and shocking them until they die or have the common sense to jump out of range. Up to four enemies can be caught by the Teslabastard's streams, the damage dealt by the combined charge increasing as it bounces between players. Alt Fire clamps the conductors together, focusing the multiple charges into a single massive bolt which bounces from one target to the next, stunning players and jamming engines on vehicles for a few seconds. The Teslabastard uses the same friend-or-foe system as the Link Gun, so the primary fire may be used to repair vehicles, speed up a node's construction or add a little extra kick to a teammate's weapon.

    H.A.M. (Stinger slot)
    The Heavy Assault Machinegun (or H.A.M. for short) is a step up from the M-249 design. Larger bullets and a faster fire rate lead to greater stopping power, but overwhelming recoil, which is where the Alt Fire comes in - a retractable hooked tripod mount that extends like a corkscrew from underneath the barrel. Once anchored into the ground, the H.A.M. becomes a makeshift turret post, only able to turn within a 90 degree cone but with massively reduced recoil, making it easier to gun down distant targets. Of course, the tripod can not only pierce through solid concrete - not many people survive three metal hooks plunged through their head.

    DISCO CHAINRAY (Stinger slot)
    As the name suggests this is part chaingun, part death ray, part disco ball. It takes a full second holding down the trigger for the barrel to wind up to its optimum speed, but as soon as it does it brightens up dull locations with a hail of lightweight, prismatic shock beams. Every shock beam deals a random amount of damage - one could leave a small cut on an opponent's face, the next beam right after that could blast an eye out. Holding down the Alt Fire keeps the barrel rotating - but not yet firing - at full speed, making it an excellent choice for pinning foes down or wailing on nodes. It should be noted that while the Disco Chainray is winding up or firing, your movement speed is halved.

    WALLOPER (Flak Cannon slot)
    This five-barreled monster takes two classic weapons - the shotgun and the chaingun - and merges them. Like the Stinger, the Walloper's barrels spin faster as you hold down the trigger, and at full speed unloads 360 shells a minute (6 per second). Alt Fire unloads all five barrels at once, dealing instant chunky death to any unarmored foes close enough, but taking some time to auto-reload and the user is thrown back from the hefty recoil. You can use the this recoil to create a makeshift triple jump if you have some ammo to spare.

    PIGSTICKER (Flak Cannon slot)
    A vicious multi-harpoon launcher for those who want to be sure their targets stay dead. Four drill-tipped harpoons are fired in a T-shaped spread, sometimes impaling victims on walls. And if pinned opponents simply aren't dying fast enough, a quick flick of the Alt Fire triggers the explosive charges in the harpoons, making the Pigsticker brutally effective at taking out crowds or lighter vehicles. Players are allowed to 'deploy' up to 8 harpoons prepped for detonation - any more and the first batch automatically explode.

    SQUIRREL GUN (Rocket Launcher slot)
    In Japanese cartoons, clusters of rockets always seem to travel in erratic, squirrel-like patterns. The Squirrel Gun takes this in a different direction, rapidly firing genetically modified squirrel clones which burst into flames the moment they leave their airtight chamber. These flaming mutant squirrels flail wildly in mid-air, gradually homing in on their target as they close in. Alt Fire plops squirrels onto the ground where they gallop in all directions, desperately looking for human faces to leap onto and gnaw relentlessly before blowing up. Although the Squirrel Gun deals less long-term damage than the standard rocket launcher, the faster rate of fire makes up for this.

    SILENCER (Sniper Rifle slot)
    An ironic title for an extremely noisy ion rifle, functioning like the tri-shot sniper rifle used in Championship 2. When in close combat, the Silencer fires three high-speed ion beams in an unpredictable spread, each beam hitting with such force that it generates a tiny but noticeable concussive blast that throws off an opponent's aim. When zoomed in with the Alt Fire the ion barrels link together, creating lethal focused shots that, much like a railgun, punch straight through lines of all but the most heavily-armored foes. If a well-placed headshot doesn't smash a player's skull in, then the amplified concussive blast will.

    A man-portable siege weapon based on a trebuchet, the Crater Maker uses magnets and servos to fling its mortar bombs massive distances within a short time. It uses a more versatile but slower lock-on system than the AVRiL (Alt Fire), taking one second to get a bead on an enemy vehicle, but three seconds to do the same with infantry. As well as using jet propulsion and homing devices to reach their designated target more easily, the mortar bombs are loaded with a variety of explosive charges, flammable liquids, breeze blocks and pixies to deliver a blast nearly as lethal as an airstrike from 2k4's Phoenix bomber. Clicking Fire again while a bomb is in mid-air will force it to rocket straight down into the ground. While players are alerted of an AVRiL lock-on through a warning message, they can easily hear a Crater Maker's payload coming for them from a mile away - the few survivors claim they heard what sounded like "a molested cat being scraped across a black board" getting closer to their position before everything suddenly went white, orange then black.

    NIHILIST (Redeemer slot)
    This highly unstable beam cannon gives you the raw power of an exploding atomic power plant in your hands, a fair trade-off for its difficulty to use in a heated skirmish. First, it takes five seconds holding Alt Fire to build up the Nihilist's reactor core to full power while toggling its numerous stabilizers, to stop the user from suddenly blowing up. Once all safety measures are in place, the weapon is ready to fire. After nine seconds of spewing forth a colossal, spasming atomic stream that turns anyone who tries to cross it into a fine mist, the Nihilist's core begins to overload, at which point it is ejected through its own stream until it reaches the other side, at which point it detonates in a Redeemer-level blast.

    mmm brain guns


      STUPIDWEAPONS V.UT3!!!!! this weapon mod would be **** fun someone make