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Puzzle Map - Rubix Cube

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    Puzzle Map - Rubix Cube

    Hey guys, today i set myself a challenge to make a working rubix cube you play from the inside.

    All was going well and i got the logic down and it all seemed to be working... with 4 panels (56 panels being the end result (panels being the coloured sections fo the cube, 9 for each side)

    however when i started adding 6 and 8 panels Unreal seems to of stopped issuing commands in kismet

    i dont know if this is a techincal limitation of unreals or if i just messed up somewhere. anyways i thought i would post my efforts here via screenshot and challenge anyone else out there whos up for it to try and make a working rubix cube in unreal

    I thought of many differnt ways to put this together and the one i tried was the cleanest and required the least ammount of matinee and.. headaches.

    I still feel this is possible, if via a completely tedius kismet and matinee setup, however im not sure if im willing to go that far...

    The way i tried it is a little complicated to explain however i will do my best

    54 visable panels (representation of the coloured panels of the rubix cube)
    54 invisible mover panels (this is what the coloured panels would attach to everytime they moved to a new location)
    6 axis movers (these would have the invisible panels attach to them when a trigger is pressed so that they would rotate all invisable mover panals (along with the attached coloured panels) to the new location in the specified axis, then unattach the newly possitioned coloured panels, reset the invisable mover panels to theyre intial possition and then detach them from the axis mover)
    54 trigger volumes (set to touch interp actos only (the coloured panels) so that when the coloured panals were moved to theyre new possition, they were detached from the invisable mover panels that moved them there and then attached to the new ones in the new location)

    tad bit confusing even if you know what im taking about lol

    anywho.. anyone out there up for the challenge? or even willing to chat about possible alternatives, kinda disapointed i didnt get this working in all its glory ... even though i hate rubix cubes :P

    Below are screens of how far i go when issues arrised (not far lol) , how it should of looked and some kismet for not even a single row (of which there would of been 9)

    What i should be posting...

    How far i got before Unreal seemed to of gave up on me

    Section 1 of 9 in kismet

    also i did try adding split second delays when attaching/detaching but that didnt seem to fix it and began to get messy real quick

    ok so i thought of another alternative on how to get this working, will give it another shot in the morning ^^


      Uhh, 9 times 6 is 54 not 56.


        wow thanks so much for pointing out a typo made at 1am...

        ill save you my thoughts on half the ppls pointless replies on this forum but if anyone else has any free time they have to check my typing or has nothing to say regarding the topic of this post please dont bother replying, and might wana think about saving other ppl your usless comments also

        (sorry for rant, just fed up of half the ppl on this forum with nothing better to say that negative or pointless ****)

        however rustyofco , if you meant no negativity or sarcasim in your reply, I apologise and you might wana think about how you word your replies in the future, words like "uhh" followed by a correction comes across as patronising, and the fact you left no comment regarding the actual topic of the thread doesnt help your case.

        then again, this is a forum, what more would i expect from the "average" user

        (note for the "average" user, i havnt checked my spelling and in all honesty dont care too much about how to spell them 100% correctly for have the "average" users on here so if you really feel like you must correct my typing then that might be something you might wana consider thinking about the reason behind also)


          Yo CrysAk, I came up with an idea. Too whacky to explain right now. Will give it a shot after my English final tomorrow. Involves some work in Maya and with rigid bodies in UT3Ed. Hopefully will only need 6 triggers and 6 matinee sequences mixed with dozens of cups of coffee .

          One question: How do you make an interpActor a rigid body? If I convert an interpActor to a kActor and make it a rigid body I lose the animation capabilities. If I change the physics model of the kActor to <somethingsomething>interpolate I loose the rigid body. Need help with that if I'm gonna do this .



            Any thoughts on using UnrealScript? If you're not a programmer, I know that sounds a bit daunting. I just figured when I looked at your kismet screenshot -- "Wow, that's pretty complicated!" My instinct is that it would be a lot less complex in a script.

            BTW, interesting idea.


              jansoft88 sounds good m8 will catch you in IRC soon

              Drimiad, Ive never touched UScript before but your probably right lol ^^ should really get off my *** and take a look into it ^^

              probably give it another shot this weekend when i got some free time


                Well, I have a final today so you won't catch me at the channel today. Probably will see you tomorrow morning.