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Requesting: Riverdance Monkey Taunt & Skinpack!

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    Requesting: Riverdance Monkey Taunt & Skinpack!

    hey you UT3 addicts!

    can anyone make a complete skin and tauntpack from the well known riverdance monkeys? that would be absolutely amazing! (for those who dont know the riverdance monkeys)

    an addtional mod for warfare is also needed. when the core goes down the awesome riverdance monkey song starts playing and the video has to fade into the screen. is that possible? i would buy 10 more copys of ut3 just because of that :>


    The lack of Riverdance Monkeys is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. Unless a bonus pack adds them in the future (or we get further details on it), it would be really nice to see the community help put here.

    Taunting ingame and customizing skins is plain dull and boring at the moment and doesn't offer any considerable versatility, we need monkeys. Plz fix.