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[Request] Scavenger wallclimb mutator

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    [Request] Scavenger wallclimb mutator

    Last night I saw a dream where Scavenger could climb up on walls like spider.
    It was totally awesome to climb up on wall in avalance map and drop down on enemies!

    Now I ask if someone could make my dream come true?

    Yes I know, maybe I should spend more time IRL..

    Even if someone did make this, you're not guaranteed to be able to climb the walls in Avalanche. Most of the maps without flying vehicles weren't built with flying or climbing vehicles in mind. That means that there might be blocking volumes in strange places, ForceDir volumes at low altitude (forcing you back down), or that you'd be able to get so high up that you'll see things you weren't meant to see, such as holes in the map. I'm not sure about Avalanche, but Downtown, for instance, would not support flying or climbing.