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[request] Warfare endgame point mutator

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    [request] Warfare endgame point mutator

    Right, I have a few projects I want to do on my to-do list of coding. But I will get a new job with more hours a week, so I thought maybe someone can do this one.

    This is inspired on the Clanbase Warfare ladders. To determine the winner, they dont give 2 points for winning intime and 1 point for winning overtime. They use a more balanced way.
    It's simple, your team gets points for the percentage their Core is on when 1 core is destroyed. Say your team wins a round, with 100 percent left on your core than your team gets 100 points. If after that round you loose a round with 1 percent left on the enemy core, it ends up 100 to 1. And you win 100-1. This is if its set to 2 rounds. On clanbase we will play 2 rounds every map, but that could be configurable with the mutator made for this.
    So if you set 2 rounds, after 2 rounds you get a screen presenting the final score: 100-1. You have some seconds to make a screenshot of it and the voting for the next map begins.

    Would anybody be interested in making this? I think it would work quite well on publics too

    Clanbase Warfare ladder (recently created)

    This sounds pretty awesome, however.... If one team is up 100 to 0 after one round, they only need to bring their enemy's core down to 99 to ensure a victory in the next round (if it is set to 2 rounds). This would be fine, but I think there would need to be something that ends the match as soon as it is impossible for one team to win.


      Well yes. But in a clanmatch you always play 2 maps, so 4 rounds in total. And in a clanmatch you dont stop when you have lost for sure. And ofcourse the rounds will be configurable. Maybe there should be an option to end the match when you've won/lost for sure. But I think most people would like to play on even though they've lost, just for the fun of it. So having that as an configurable option would be nice.

      Oh and btw, we just played our first clan vs clan match! We drawed the core values ourselves :P