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got permission for this mutator to be fixed

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    got permission for this mutator to be fixed

    is there someone willing to work on this mutator for me?
    I don't know how to import this from ut2004 to ut3.
    I have permission from the maker and long as he gets credit and a copy of the mutator.

    it's the ninjarope from UT2004. I have it and....will gladly send it to whoever is willing to fix it ....and import it.

    Known issues.

    Bombing run for 2004: after you grab the bomb, you can't switch over to ninjarope.

    in outdoor maps, sometimes ..usually always the rope gets stuck off the map, and will drag you off too your doom.

    occ. will get stuck in cracks.

    and it looks awful, needs to have the more integrated and smoother.