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Request: Tactical Mod (1 very minor mod needed...)

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    Request: Tactical Mod (1 very minor mod needed...)


    I love UT and everything about it, but some times I would like to slow down the gameplay with out slowing down the actual gameplay. Confused?

    I would like to see a small mod in place which gets rid of the glow of members of the opposite team (players and vehicles). When you look across these vast maps and see these little glowing red or blue dots, you know exactly where the other team is.

    If this was limited, by reducing (or which I hope, removing) the 'glow' of players in the distance, there would be a new tactical element to the game. Players would have to communicate with each other more and this would allow and call for more sneaky and tactical attacks.

    This way the core speed and actual gameplay could remain the same, the mod would just allow for more of a sneaking/stealth gameplay.

    What do you guys think?

    So basically you want to make people less visible. There are mutators to do that.


      So what exactly is a mutator? Are these just variations that a host can implement into their server? Im such a noob...

      Thanks also for your reply.


        Mutators is something that you can run on any gametype like DM/TDM/CTF etc. It slightly mutates the game so to say.
        Servers can run mutators and if you search for non 'Pure' servers in the list you get servers running custom mutators. This creates a lot of posibilites for fun combinations at publics.