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Massacre - killer's Bonus UT3

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    Massacre - killer's Bonus UT3

    Massacre - Killer's Bonus UT3
    Compatibility: Tested under UT3 v1.0.
    Designer: Neeland (Black) King

    Intro: Well I'm not too sure where to post this one. It's way past just an Idea but i don't have a beta build that is distributable yet.

    Description: This is the remake of the Massacre - Killer's Bonus mutator I made for Ut2004. For those that didn't know about it. It adds bonuses for First Blood, Muiti Kills and all the other killing sprees. I am experiencing a current problem though. I'm not able to get the visual messages ( such as ' first blood Bonus - Damage increases by 45%' )on the screen. I have tried many different ways of doing this but nothing seems to work. I'm hoping someone can help me with that.

    Below is a list of the Current messages I'm trying to put in. I took it right from the int file I made for the mutator. If there is something wrong with it please let me know.

    SpreeBonusMessage=" FIRST BLOOD BONUS +45% DAMAGE"

    BonusMessage(0)= +10% DAMAGE
    BonusMessage(1)= +12% DAMAGE +10% SPEED
    BonusMessage(2)= +14% DAMAGE +10% ACCELERATION
    BonusMessage(3)= +16% DAMAGE +10% AGILITY
    BonusMessage(4)= +20% DAMAGE +60% Armor

    SpreeBonusMessage(0)="SPREE BONUS +15% SPEED +15% ACCELERATION"
    SpreeBonusMessage(1)="RAMPAGE BONUS +15% AGILITY +15% DAMAGE"
    SpreeBonusMessage(3)="UNSTOPPABLE BONUS +40% HEALTHMAX"
    SpreeBonusMessage(4)="GODLIKE BONUS +90% Armor"
    SpreeBonusMessage(5)="WICKEDSICK BONUS +35% DAMAGE +25% MOVEMENT"
    SpreeBonusMessage(6)="DOMINATING BONUS +40% HEALTH"
    SpreeBonusMessage(7)="UNSTOPPABLE BONUS +50% HEALTH"

    BonusMessage="HOLY ****!!!!! +30% DAMAGE +20% MOVEMENT"