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    Dude... Nukem

    In a moment of "enlightenment" a fun game type or a mutator came to me.I've been able to simulate it using multiple mutators. It's played one-on-one. Basically you turn all the weapons on the map into redeemers, Including your default spawn weapon. This is a ton of fun!!!!!! Even the bots aren't half bad at it.

    This has a ton of strategy and sound, plays a crucial role in survival and nuking people.

    The best map to play it on is Demos.

    If this were made into mutator game type.
    We could make a customizable and add stuff like..

    Speeding up the players


    Unlimited jump boots or or starting off with some.

    Many other things could make this even more of a blast.
    Try it out and see what you think post feedback and any ideas.

    Sounds like the Russia vs. U.S.A Gametype hehe