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Headshot Arena - Simple MUTATOR Request

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    Headshot Arena - Simple MUTATOR Request

    Hi there Mutator Coders

    I have always found previous HeadShot Arena mutators a must for Sniping practise as it gets one in the habit of aiming high towards the head. After practising this mutator in the past, peoples twitch shots seem to land more headshots.

    I would like to put it out there for someone to create a mutator that does the following:

    1 Sniper rifles only
    2 Unlimited ammo
    3 Headshots cause damage
    4 No powerups

    **Also, I remember reading some where that a full GOO shot to the head is classed as a headshot as well (not that you would need to hit the head to kill anything. If this is the case, perhaps GOO gun headshots should be included as well.

    Any legends out there who want to take this puppy on?