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[Request] Cache Extractor?

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    [Request] Cache Extractor?

    When me cache gets big I'm gonna need something for it. Anyone tried using an older one?

    ive seen alot of posts going about the cache... but i dont know anything about it? im new to the game..

    what exactly do you guys need?

    what are the filetypes to start with... what do they need converting to... is there a reference anywhere as to what they should be converted to, where should they go... etc etc..

    point me in the right direction and il whisk somthing up


      Hey Brad!

      I'm working on a standalone cache extractor too. (working & nonpublic alpha already)

      the problem, that ut doesn't store the extensions is disturbing, but it would at lest be possible to say, what map files are, because they all have the same prefixes.

      so, if you read the first 3 characters, for DM-Bla it would be always 'DM-', for CTF it would always be 'CTF', for vCTF it would be always 'VCT' and so on. So the extension would be '.ut3' in these cases.

      to decide weather this file is a script file or a package file, i thought that you could look at the filesize. I'm pretty sure, no script file is bigger than 1MB. Most Packagefiles are bigger than 2MB, so
      if filesize > 1 000 000(1MB) then extension = '.upk' else extension = '.u'

      this wouldn't be perfect, but has a hit rate of about 90-95% i guess.

      the other problem is, that you'd have to keep your application up to date, when other gametypes apperar, for example if someone creates an Assault Gametype and is creating AS-Mapname files, you'd have to add this condition, so it's recognized as a mapfile too.

      well, what do you say? =D


        Umm, for now you could try my solution, also, for the endings, .uxx, everyone thinks that its a different file, well, if you just change uxx to ut3 for maps you can play it in game.

        This is my way, it always works, little fuss:


          i've already done that. But when you change every uxx file to .ut3, then you have over 80% random useless **** in your mapdirectory. That wouldn't make much sense