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mod/maps for hoverboard?

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    mod/maps for hoverboard?

    i don't know if this has been brought up already but wouldn't it be cool to have some extra stuff for the board?

    i mean something like extra points for doing complete tricks/combo tricks. kind of like the daredevil announce in ut2k4 but you should really get some points for it.

    i'm not very good at mapping but i think if i take a look at it i could create some kind of skatepark map

    what also came into my mind but i don't know if its possible is some kind of modification for the grappler that turns it into a "real" grappling hook that you can always shoot. so for example you could swing a round a corner with it gaining some speed or shoot at the ceiling while riding forward and it pools you up in a loop . kind of like the grappler in tribes3

    what do ya think?

    I've had that grappler idea my self.


      I like the grappler idea as well. Would let you do some pretty cool moves like a swing from a high place to make it over a wall or some such.


        I have been planning on building a level for them, but I need to finish watching the videos and building the basic level first. I have never mapped before, except for Duke Nukem and LoWang Shadow Warrior. Old stuff...


          When i was on the demo i was grappled onto a scorpion who was on the other side of the bridge (see text pic below)
          A blue on a hoverboard hit the grappling beam and was knocked off,

          maybe grapple attacks work?

          pic broken


            I have a tread which is about making a skate park type map.

            I think you could kinda cheat with the graple hook idea, mebe you could put a vehicle in a object and just leave a tiny bit of the back end poking out. Also, I dno anything about making vehicles and whatnot, but perhaps the graple part of vehicles can be taken off and stuck to other places...?