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a mutator for vehicle armor point?

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    a mutator for vehicle armor point?

    we need vehicle more resistent more hard to kill ...

    like vehiclestuff?

    people on that ?

    Yeah, we really need vehiclestuff again.


      Plz some1 !!

      Its worth it , All those weapon (with super structure )
      are stronger Vs. default Weapon , alot peeps us stronger weapons
      ( Zark, UBinBlaster and RocketzMutator many to come ... for sure )
      Would be nice having vehicle to ride tru those riffle n rocketz..heheh
      Ex: (VehicleStuff) More Armor , Stabilty , Power and more option

      Cmon all !
      Nobody wanna give a try on that

      thats what in found in VehicleStuff .TXT

      VehicleStuff A UT2004 mutator that allows you to play around with
      different vehicular settings.

      -- About VehicleStuff is a mutator for UT2004 that allows you
      (through use of a GUI) to change various vehicle properties,
      such as speed, friction, mass, health,jumping, etc. You can also
      modfiy the weapons, swapping the existing weapon for one from
      another vehicle, or clicking the 'custom' button and specifying
      what projectile the gun should fire and how fast it should fire them.
      The mutator works offline, and online, with the in-game working
      in both. To bring up in the in-game GUI type the command
      "mutate vehiclestuff config" in your console. For an online game
      you must be logged in as an admin for this command to work.