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    Still no assault servers.
    Or am i doing sth wrong?


      hmmm....... someone needs to do convoy. OR I MAY JUST START PUTTING UNLIMITED AMMO ON REDEEMERS THEN GOING CRAZY ALL OVER DA FORUMS. I KNOW WHERE (some of) U LIVE. x__x. or i might not. ya never know. -__-


        looks like 2 assault mods second link has a download


          still no ps3?


            sfdhgbkfjajfngfjfsSJGHFASJLFDBGZNHDZJK******KFGNKF JLHB (\/)__(\/)


              Hi there

              There is an assault mod with works very well (by Cowlike):

              There is AS-UT99_Guardia (by me ):

              There is AS-UT99_Frigate (by me too ):

              There is AS-UT99_HiSpeed (by me too ):

              The idea is to convert all the UT99 and UT2004 maps, but I need some time.
              Please join to the beta and give us some feedback

              A server with assault... probably it will be available one soon....


                I just found this mod today. Good work Cowlike! I'm going to attempt a direct AS-Convoy conversion, maybe even pretty it up some. I dunno, we'll see once this discovery settles in.


                  I began work on AS-Convoy from 2004. However, my lack of interest in UT3 prevents me from completing it. I have uploaded my work so far so if anyone wants to take it from here, be my guest.


                  I've imported most meshes and textures. Most meshes have been placed in the proper location. The converter program brought over the nav points and lights.

                  I did not import the wheel meshes. I thought that would be easy to replace with something a little higher poly from UT3.

                  Any mesh that has two material slots didn't convert properly. They only have one material slot now. So, they won't texture properly. I'm sure it's an easy fix in 3DS Max, but I don't have the program and Blender ****** me off. So, that will need fixing or reimporting.

                  Collision didn't export. That will need to be done. 2k4 was sufficiently low poly you could probably get away with per poly collision for many models.

                  GL and HF!