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bringing back assault

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    bringing back assault

    I'm kinda wondering if we can bring back assault. Especially since it was many a players favorite gametype.

    So if we're going to bring back assault you can count me in.

    Basicly this should be a full mod, including several maps and a gametype for in the menu's. with online (and preferebly offline capacity).
    I'd prefer it to be similiar to the ut2004 assault gameplay.

    ( havn't completely figured out if the unreal engine 3 still requires some reguliar coding or that its all done trough kismet.)

    ------------------------------ :UPDATE: ------------------------------------

    Well technicly we'd need a few actors or kismet statements that will help which currently arn't into the game (i checked around on the forums).

    For one, a gametype that will switch attackers from defenders, as warfare stands now thats allready in place but this has to be time based where one team will win if they don't complete they're objectives in a sertain amount of time ext.

    With kismet you could basicly make an assault map, if you just add a few new functions to it.

    What would be ideal is if the mod could add the gametype to the gametype list and actually have all these kinds of objectives hard coded in to sertain actors.
    But then we'd need some serious coders for that.

    But if you derive it from the WARFARE gametype you get a few problems wihch we'd rather avoid:

    1: I really don't want the announcer telling me to get to the PRIME NODE all the time and finally having to kill the main core to win a match, even though this could be done by a kismet sequence on the background.
    But that approach (using warfare as a basis for assault) is kinda dirty if you think about it and not very moduliar. (like setting match time, resetting the matchtimer accoring to what the last time was for the previous round.)
    As each round had a standard of 2 turns (attacking and defending) a seperated gametype specificly build for assault is really called for here.

    Since unreal script hasn't changed to much I think a lot of coders will be able to get going as soon as they get they're bearing on the new code.

    But as it stands now, we could do some experimenting.

    so this is what I propose. Lets all come up with a group of scenarios (like bring object A to location 1, EXT... and make that work.)

    Or if you want, roughly rebuild the system of an existing assault map like convoy from ut2004 and rebuild the way it worked in kismet so we can find out if all things can still function they way they did.

    Check around on the forums here, I believe there was a thread about someone who posted tutorials for kismet on his site.

    Once your done, send me an Email and/or post here on the forums.
    Also include the way you made your objectives so we can compare and optimise it,

    It might even be possible to save sections of your kismet scripts so we can get a basic system in place to make every type of objective easily accessible.
    Remember that kismet is simply "Unreal script in a visual moduliar form". So once its in place I bet a coder can make it into a solid actor that will function that way.

    Lets bring back assault!

    And for the person that keeps removing the game type tag from this thread, assault is a gametype, and its not in the game at the moment so would you please leave the tag on here. thank you.

    Apparently assault maps can be made in warfare. The only things that I doubt about that are:
    Will you be able to have round based gameplay?
    Can you have no nodes or cores?
    How will you make objectives? (levers, buttons, destroyable objects)


      i really doubt that making an assault-map entirely with Kismet is possible. I tried to set up simple sequence (in warfaremode) so that when you touch a trigger you will win. First problem, there is no win-action or condition. After that I tried the DamageActor action, but you cannot select powercores as targets.

      But if someone finds out how make an assault map with kismet, let me now^^



        I am all for bringing assault back. As a standalone gametype tho, no sharing with warfare.


          Originally posted by Dankss View Post

          I am all for bringing assault back. As a standalone gametype tho, no sharing with warfare.
          yeh thats what I meant, i'm however better at modeling (making vehicles for example) and making maps than coding with unreal script


            If someone(or a team) brings back assault please add the map from ut99 where the assaulting team starts in a boat on a beach, can't remeber the name of the map tho..


              Operation Overlord?


                Originally posted by ShocKWav3 View Post
                Operation Overlord?

                I belive thats the name, been a while since I played UT99. However I'm almost 100% sure thats the one


                  Can you say Trials and build maps ladys and gentlemen?Anyways I would really love AS back along with INV and im happy XD


                    Originally posted by 80gone View Post
                    Can you say Trials and build maps ladys and gentlemen?Anyways I would really love AS back along with INV and im happy XD
                    i might be overshooting my luck but I think the people that made the invasion packs bonus packs might do some of that.


                      Well lets get going then, this is what UT is about after all, community content.

                      I and a few others have already started making racemaps in assault (as a start, would rather recreate original maps, but the market of these seams to be greater).
                      I am not programmer, so I can not help on that account, but I will be honored to recreate old levels if required to.


                        Probably you can do the assault gametype which extends from the warfare. Then you look at ut2k4 assault-code and implement objectives, destroyables etc.
                        Would be very happy if someone could do that..


                          I miss so much assault maps, and also trials and Racingassault. They were awesome.


                            OK, Kismet isn't that bad after all xP

                            At the moment, I have a warfare map where you have to drive your hellbender to a specific location and you will instantly take the powernote. you can only take the note when you are in a hellbender. After that, the enemy core is vulnerable, some redeemers will spawn and destroy the enemy core -> you win. The coredestruction is a really dirty way, but the CauseDamage instruction doesn't work on the core. Perhaps I'll find out later^^


                              I would really like for Assault to make a comeback also, sorely missed from UT04 for me (and yes, even the race/trials maps too)

                              Atm im lacking time to get into the editor but it seems like solidblack has a good start, would like to see how the map works actually, and would love to see any alpha/beta releases when you get the time