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(Model Preview) AVP Alien

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  • (Model Preview) AVP Alien

    Just want to give any of you xenophobic UT players a sneak peek at what I am getting into the game soon. Just gotta learn a few more material fx and details on what a custom character needs to work properly(sockets etc) and then I will unleash this beasty onto you guys to play with.

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    Not bad. Not bad at all.


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      nice, its kinda creepy that his tounge is sticking out all the time though :P

      im definatly looking forward to this


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        Originally posted by Phoenix86 View Post
        nice, its kinda creepy that his tounge is sticking out all the time though :P

        im definatly looking forward to this
        Its sticking out to show what it looks like. Its animated, and will only come out when in certain animations. The jaw closes and the tongue slides into the mouth. The tongue also has its own set of jaws too, so they snap at ya. One thing I may remodel though is making the head slightly transparent and making a brain model(like in the Hot Toys model) so you can look inside its head.


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          Awesome. Custom skeleton then? As an actual player and not an invasion monster?

          Today I was just wondering what was going on with that Skaarj you started a while ago. I'm looking forward to that.


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            That looks really cool.


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              The skaarj is being remodelled, it just wasn't working visually as I expected.
              The alien has a completely unique skeleton and animations. I just need to find out what animations the game looks for to operate correctly.
              As for Invasion, man do I wish we had that gametype... I am waiting for some coder to create it for us to play again then I add this guy right in. As for a player model, it will probably look a little wierd playing as an alien, so that isn't my first choice.
              I originally was going to use Gears for this alien becuase it has really nice AI, but the editor is brittle and crashes alot.


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                here are some images i looked up to help ya with that detailing of the head

                great job

                these last 2 are from a "dog alien" from Alien 3 which i thought is it gives a great detailed image!

                and perhaps scaling the head up would be a good idea, seems a bit small

                this is one from alien: ressurection, they seemed to have made them super skinny because of CG being able to be used

                btw Aliens is my favoite movie series thanks for doing this


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                  Nicely textured.

                  THREAD HIJACK!

                  I can't get things to become textured in blender. And until then, I cannot even begin to start my aspiration to become a modeler.

                  I have all the texture modes I want, the texture, the colours, all sorts of stuff. But I cannot actually apply the textures.

                  That is all.

                  Again, that looks to be really brilliant.


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                    Thanks for those pix Phoenix, I can tell you really like the alien too
                    I'm actually using my Hot Toy models as reference on this one , but maybe you guys could make custom skins for this guy too.
                    Heres what the Alien model looks like:


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                      idk how to make skins ;P

                      that is a very detailed model :O


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                        Looks frickin' sweet, I love those movies.


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                          dude that is sick, damn nice model! if you get that thing into the game it should defenatly be an enemy in Invasion, if anyone makes an invasion mod that is


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                            Hey EE, great to see you're making stuff specifically this.


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                              Not a big fan of the movies, but looks like a slick model.