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How do i extract marcus

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  • How do i extract marcus

    How do i get marcus fenix from gears of war and import him in ut3? i think hes a badass so i would like to use him in ut3. anyone knows plz do tell thx

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    You dont need to extract him.
    Marcus is fully rigged and available for download in the Gears ofWar mod section on UDN.

    You might be in breach of copyright if you do it even though its freely available on Epics site. Gears of War is published by Microsoft, and UT3 is published by Midway, Thats where the legal **** comes in.

    There was a talk about this a while ago.


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      Ugh, copyright...

      Just do it; if it's just for your personal use, no one will ever know or care.


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        Just give him a new nose and some side burns and he's yours... rename to Markus....
        Or move to Sweden where rules don't apply.

        Law... OWNED.