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  • Assault?

    Hi, I was just curious if there is anyone going to make an Assault mod?
    Really disapointing that they removed Assault from UT3, by far more fun then Onslaught and vCTF imo.

    Sorry if my english is abit off.

  • #2
    I think the community will see what can be done using the Warfare system, first.


    • #3
      You can make Assault maps using Warfare.


      • #4
        yes, but how about the rules like beating a row of objectives faster than the other?
        Or reaching more objectives?

        From what I heard assault is 'emulated' by placing 2 unreachable cores in the map and damage them from events. But what if time runs out, and the 2nd team gets 1 or 2 more objectives before their time runs out ?
        As far as I know that's not possible with warfare to determine the winner then


        • #5
          In that case, you could set up a Kismet comparison of core strength, and give the team who achieved more goals a "Golden Snitch" award of 150 points, or something.


          • #6
            WAR-TankCrossing is more Assault than Onslaught.

            For overtime, just increase the core damage per second to something high. That'll immediately give the win to whichever team had the highest core health left.


            • #7
              yeah, someone pls do an assault gametype!


              • #8
                You can make Assault maps using Warfare.
                Completely without cores and orbs even.


                • #9
                  We need a Lot of real Assault maps.

                  it will be nice to see some old ut99-maps, like Desertstorm ,Bridge and GolgothaAL

                  and we need teamplayer hammer boost and rocketlaunch in there like ut99

                  a good league whit AS-Rules will be in ut99 only at the moment


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