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The Unreal User Interface V2 [pics]

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  • The Unreal User Interface V2 [pics]

    1. Name: The Unreal User Interface V2
    2. Compatibility: UT3
    3. Description: The concept is to re-do the userinterface completely in a way that it is very functional (fast & easy) including some mindblowing eyecandy. If all works well, we might include a new Server Browser aswell
    4. Comments: Until now this is more or less just concept work because were not 100% sure if UT3 will allow us to re-do the UI, as in UT2kx it was forbidden to do so.
    5. Screenshot: See quotes from older thread.
    6. Credits: traumatism, Taleweaver, Xenocide, and myself (no credit for epic this time...)
    7. Homepage: coming soon - when its done
    8. Download: coming soon - when its done

    Here 3 Quotes from the Demo Feedback Thread so you know how it all started out:

    Originally posted by Felerian01 View Post
    I was just fooling arround and this was the outcome.

    This is how i would appreciate it :P
    Ofcourse there also could be different themes added, because i am sure some like it bright, some like it dark.

    Tell me what you think?
    Click to see full Size

    Here, added the following one for Emmet Otter *g*

    Edit: Ok, here is the one i want for my UT3
    Took me some time but i think its nice

    A very nice post from Taleweaver about the Menu can be found >>here<< in the feedback thread
    Originally posted by Xenocide View Post
    This should be better. I quickly retouched the OP's image.
    Originally posted by traumatism View Post
    you git! :P

    i have just done the same thing and im adding some other thing to it that could become useful. just waiting on a font from felerian so i can keep it flowing

    simplicity was better for it in my opinion. saved alot of loading time when starting up the game as there was less to load into it.

    here is an unfinished look atm with everything showing up (will edit into a gif later when its finished.):

    input is welcomed. so are ideas

  • #2
    Man, oh man. I hope you guys can pull it off. This game needs it -- BADLY !!


    • #3
      They honestly all look like turds.


      • #4
        Just get the graphic design quality up to par and you have yourself a menu thats 10,000x better than the default.


        • #5
          I have been a serious Unreal player for years, and a lurker at these forums since I tried the demo because I am seriously concerned about the direction UT is heading. I saw this topic which gives me hope that I might actually enjoy UT again and had to register. I say worry about the artwork later, just give us a basic menu, something, anything to use first!


          • #6
            that menu is actually pretty awesome... and useful.. the graphics in the menu are as good if not better than the crap graphics in-game so this would be a plus.


            • #7
              i would love it for epic to notice this user mod (a few days after the game became somewhat public) for the next verson hehe

              anyway hope you can do it, would benifit the game, also make sure settings stay the way you set them too!


              • #8
                Originally posted by Sir_Brizz View Post
                They honestly all look like turds.

                What, are you blind ? The last one looks pretty darn good to me. And it looks a hell of a lot more functional than the UI we have now.

                To Felerian01 and crew, please ignore all the naysayers and carry on with this, because if you are successful, a lot of people will be very grateful.


                • #9
                  I love it, uwindows is great.

                  Please please let the modding capability allow this, even from the concept sketches.

                  Epic fails to notice its a problem when there is a redesign project within days of release.


                  • #10
                    Awesome all around. I sincerely hope you will be able to do this, but given the UT3 presentation so far, I wouldn't be surprised if the UI is hardcoded and unchangeable.

                    Whoever approved the current UI as suitable for a PC release should be fired. Interface design is inherently linked to the platform on which the interface will be used. A UI that works great for a gamepad WILL NOT work nearly as well for a mouse and keyboard. The existing UI shows a near total lack of understanding with regard to well established and documented software user interface guidelines and principles. Let's see some of that trademark Epic polish on the UI, shall we?


                    • #11
                      I like the idea, so I'm eager to see where you guys go with this. I'm liking the third screen so far the best, but I think, in general, a sharper, cleaner looking interface could be made from scratch.

                      One brief suggestion: Don't make the windows one uniform red color.


                      • #12
                        nice one if you pull this off your gunna be amongst the most popular people in the world for us UT fans


                        • #13
                          I'd break online compatibility for this. The UI is that bad.


                          • #14
                            Honestly, I kind of agree with Brizz although maybe I wouldn't put it in such words ..

                            I realize the need for a new UI, but I'm not sure you realize what's involved in actually redoing a UI & doing floating windows like those that exist in your shots.

                            Feel free to try anyway. I made the uWindows menu for UTR and am planning a new UI for UT3 among several other fixes, good luck with yours though..


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by Hedge-o-Matic View Post
                              I'd break online compatibility for this. The UI is that bad.
                              Hey, if that ends up being the case anyhow, I hope the autthors of a new UI can add-in support for choosing bots and customizing the player for offline play.