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Jagged Edge Is Recruting!

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    Jagged Edge Is Recruting!

    Well I formed a little group for my mod making, and probably game makeing. We will focus on different types of FPS games, and sometimes some raceing.

    We are looking for:

    Animators, for the animation for players, vehicles, weapons ect.

    Coders, For the game/mod rules and such.

    Consept Artists, to turn our wonderful descriptions into beautiful, but in most cases gruesome pictures.

    Effects artists, for all the effects that you will see.

    Mappers, for the level design.

    Modelers, to model what our consept artists drawn.

    Music artist, so you can have something to listen to while speeding away, or fraggin enemies

    Sound creators, so you can hear what goes on.

    Texture artists, for the texture of the models and other things.

    Voice Actors, to give our mods/games life.


    We have a temporary forum set up here:


    Some of our works will be:

    Evil Reincarnated ( a horror fps game)

    Evil Reincarnated: The Beginning ( a horror fps game, takes place before Evil Reincarnated)

    Evil Reincarnated: Hell on Earth (a horror fps game, takes place after Evil Reincarnated)

    Velocity ( a futuristic racing game, a mixture of WipeOut XL, and F-Zero)


    Any help would be apperatioted.

    ~ Lord Vipes, Founder of Jagged Edge