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Command and Conquer Mod!

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  • Command and Conquer Mod!

    Personally this would be the mod i'd most like to see from this game, a full 'renegade' style conversion mod with GDI and Nod weapons and units from the original Command and Conquer.

    I remember there were some very cool style of AS maps for ut2004, one with a GDI and a Nod base at either end of the map. You started only with a barracks and no weapons, but you had 5 or so scorpions/minigun scorps. To build you base, you had to touch one of three panels in the enemies base. One for left defences, one for right defences, and the other for main base structures. This was a very cool level and idea!

    I would love to work as a team with a base, where you work together to build your base/harvest tiberium and fight Nod or GDI on the battlefield with all the original units. This mod would be alot of work, but i hope theres a team out there who might consider it, or maby someone will at least make the vehicles (stealth tank would be doable now thanks to the nightshade)

    EDIT: Found something already!

    What do you guys think, fellow UT fans?

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    Would be cool yeah, i had a dream also that month.
    That GTR2 could load with the unreal engine 3... maybe a race car mod or game will show up with that.

    Indeed it's good idea you had, i love c&c


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      ive never actually played command and conquer but ive heard its an RTS so how would this work in UT3?


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        This was a good mod, but the balance was never good. The better team is good enough to enter the enemy base and pull the switches what made their own base better. Would be a real good mod if that would be balanced somehow..
        Oh the site looks cool aswell, they are doing a C&C renegade remake for UT3. Could really work with UE3 engine, the westwood renegade sucked tbh.


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          Originally posted by Madmanxan View Post
          ive never actually played command and conquer but ive heard its an RTS so how would this work in UT3?
          Aww you havn't lived! Well i wasnt sure how it would work either, as i've never played renegade, but if you go to the 'game modes' section of the renegade2007 website i linked, it explains how it works. Quite clever really. Amazing the models they've got going there, some very talented people and it looks like this mod will take off after ut3 comes out. I might even make a map for this mod.


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            The C&C Renegade mod is an FPS not an RTS. The Renegade2007 Team has been working on this for over a year now for Unreal 3 and many of the models are done. Since someone has already brought this up, i'm sure you will be hearing an announcement soon from them.

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