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    MOD: The Edge

    Hi guys,

    I am going to create a little UT3 mod. I dont have a name yet, so i call it the edge atm.

    My main aim is to create an action/ arcade like hack and slay game. In order to achieve that i would like to create the following milestones, which can remain till the end or mainly be the result of the work ( I dont think finishing a mod is a real option you can achieve ( never finished one)).

    I would like to create the following stuff and I am looking for members who would like to participate in any purpose.

    Stage 1:

    Create an Rune like DM and CTF game with Melee Combat System and multiple weapons. ( weapons like 2 hand sword and daggers and whatever )

    Stage 2:

    Add character classes with spells. Mainly having buff, heal and aura spells. The game should focus on melee combats.

    Stage 3:

    Add an experiance system. Every class should be able to get some upgrades, like ETQW as example, but with real choices what to skill.

    Stage 4:

    When DM, CTF and whatever are polished let's take the result and do some AI maps.
    I would suggest some dungeon like levels where you have to slay some really bad *** bosses.

    So in the end we may have something that i would call action hack and slay, but beating dungeons should be about skill and tactics and not about items.
    Thats why i didnt refer to items at all, but that doesnt mean we couldn't add them and have an MMOG like game in a 5th stage.

    To make things short. I am searching for people who are interested in trying to make those ideas possible. I am familar with the UED and some blender stuff. I know how to programm, so Uscript shouldnt be a huge problem after some training. I have participated in some mods in the past as mapper ( Rocketeer and some never finished stuff), so I know that telling you all that this will happen and we will finish everything would be the best choice, but believe me I would happen... but I have the hope we might finish something that is about stage 3 in 1 year.

    So the main goal would be to make an interesting class and experiance based DM and CTF game, which is located at a fantasy would. Means mainly Melee Combat and Spells.

    Hope someone might be interested and send me his thought about my masterplan.
    By the way, if there is a MSU contest in the future..... I really want to get a piece of the cake.

    Mail me @ or ICQ 18526446

    ( I know my grammar sucks.... )

    Man. I LOVE that idea.
    Something like Dark Messiah will be awesome.
    I can help with Concepts\Weapon design. (And maybe a little mapping)


      I havent played Dark Messiah yet. T_T

      As long as the core idea of the mod stays the same I am able to discuss every point.
      I personally would prefer a more anime, cartoonish look of the game. You know like the old UT colorful and not that darky. Also I love.... big 2 handed swords... Cant live without them.

      But its no must.... as long as it's unreal ( i really dont like too realistic games. :P )


        Thats anime-style in mod for you?
        Character look or how they fight?


          I would say anime style is the whole look of the game.
          Having colorful textures and a bright game in the whole....
          I would suggest WoW as an anime style game.


            Won't it ruin all Unreal 3 engine features? Maybe something like Devil May Cry style?


              Ya Devil May Cry is really nice.

              What do you mean with unreal features ?

              You know that everything i mentioned means total conversation anyway ?

              And textures can be made and mustnt all be taken from UT3, so design is just a matter of time.

              Or do you mean all the gore stuff ? I dont like gore that much anyways, just to tell ya. :/


                I mean high res textures, high def models and so on.
                So it will look cool. More like Final Fantasy or something.
                Otherwise you could make UT2004 mod with toonish graphics.


                  Of course I would appreciate high res models and textures. :P
                  I dont refer to anime style as no details.

                  I mean things like huge swords, extreme spell effects and stuff like that isnt something that i suggest having in an more real world tuned style.

                  Whatever that shouldnt all be such a problem.
                  As long as I can get some good gfx and modell guys I dont care about the details as long as they have a good style


                    just because you can use normal maps and all sorts of other insane features doesn't mean they have to be used to make bloom-engorged realistic graphics.

                    Having said that, could you use a robot or two maybe? I'm working on a robot model specifically for UT3/Source and I have another model that can be updated rather easily to fit with it as well. (No guarantees though. I'm not sure what all it will take to make it work down the road.)


                      Will it be 3rd person mod? I think it will look better that way.

                      P.S. Something like THIS?


                        Dont know if 3rd or 1st person view is the preferable one.

                        I would prefer 1st, but 3rd should be an option too.

                        -- Just to add this, oniblade looks kinda the way I would the mod to look like,
                        but that should be up to the texture, modell and mapping guys.
                        But ya thats the way to be, but maybe with more details.


                          I like the name


                            However the nams is not finalized yet. Just the working name.