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How do you export 3dsmax vehicel models to ut3

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    How do you export 3dsmax vehicel models to ut3

    I want to add a vehicle model to ut3 but cant find any tutorials on youtube.
    Anyone have any links to some video tutorials?

    This video is UDK but works in UT3, not yet been much with this custom vehicle and get the native flag to sources 1.5 script

    good guide


      In UT3 works like custom char but with different scripts - the physical asset is similar to EU 4, you have to be careful with the mass of each capsule and limit function in the joints (function B to C icon)

      Example nemesis

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Nmesisremplaze2.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	Nmesisremplaze.jpg
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      Also depending on script editor, you can add more features animation and characters but requires an extended PSA

      in the script contents UTGame vehicle class Contents- the tree animation editing and bone will use the turret, the turret now has weapons of cars are different from the character that you edit depending which will have a pibot showing the player visible as not visible tank one blanket or fury visible

      - mass material= nemesis / mass scale = 2.00000 - the defaolut is 1 but 1 affect rocket projectile )

      Click image for larger version

Name:	NmesisremplazeAsset.jpg
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      Seats(0)={( GunClass=class'UTVWeap_MechTurret',
      MuzzleFlashLightClass=class'UTNemesisMuzzleFlashLi ght',
      WeaponEffects=((SocketName=GunSocketL,Offset=(X=-10),Scale3D=(X=11.0,Y=8.0,Z=8.0)),(SocketName=GunS ocketR,Offset=(X=-10),Scale3D=(X=11.0,Y=8.0,Z=8.0)))
      Begin Object Name=SVehicleMesh
      SkeletalMesh=SkeletalMesh'mechtest.Mesh.MechNemesi s'
      AnimTreeTemplate=AnimTree'VH_Nemesis.Anims.AT_VH_N emesis' ( no need new animtree optional )
      PhysicsAsset=PhysicsAsset'mechtest.Mesh.MechNemesi s_Physics'
      AnimSets.Add(AnimSet'VH_Nemesis.Anims.K_VH_Nemesis ')
      MorphSets[0]=MorphTargetSet'VH_Nemesis.Mesh.VH_Nemesis_MorphTa rgets'
      Materials(0)=MaterialInterface'mechtest.Materials. mech'
      Materials(1)=MaterialInterface'mechtest.Materials. mech'
      End Object
      The socket in bones ( view - death - damager parts - smoke - gun muzzles, anntena, etc )

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Nmesisremplazesockets.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	NmesisremplazeCollsideUt.jpg
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      Video test


        The issue is that you have to program new lines, study a little Hellbender (turret) functions and the leviathan - sockets that allow you to view 6 pibot
        as I said before the script ue takes time, take her hand at the moment so I am working on the bsp.

        I think at the moment as being a mod, and go from simple to the most complex llevarlo as my first mod, were simple and gradually get better.
        The sad thing is that we are only 4 users with halo mod in UT3 will take time.
        Also the materials are limited to one only have to make one uv and halo models.


          Sadly UT3 is quite dead, but still quite complete & mod-able.
          You may start with something a little simple and making it better and better.
          Good Luck for your vehicles.

          (This vehicle in the video look good SKaa3w, you may make it like the mech in renegade X)


            Yes, I like the series and more when they used UE3 engine but when I cross the UDK modified the script and is not equal to UT3 what you can do is use the model but're doing bones animation and everything else if you like to put it in UT3, it would have to work 0.

            more advances the mech will change, either way works like a buggy - a tank or a plane but I would like to study this after halo maps and my future city projects inspired by UE4


              deceives people, UE4 is fantastic but if you saw me hurry manual three years studying it, either UT3 editor / UDK or UE4 all required studies - those who created the engine eh do everything within minutes. is like 3d max seems falci but then you laugh because a simple outfit you took 3 days

              I like UT4 but still in beta and trying to see as you pass code FBX models UT4 I find that the code is so complicated that start 0 no thanks. I do not know much about staying as c ++ in UT4 is new to me.

              use EU3 until it no longer has more to exploit as it is a mod without an end just fun not think he cares a lot.

              This user uses engine call of duty modern warfare 2009 and recreates maps does not require mirror edge next gen to do something nice.

              and I believe that history repeats itself when UT3 came ut2004 many worked with which to switch to another engine has its consequences.


                Originally posted by BlackDog
                Can UT3 import FXB?
                Nope. UE3 can but not the outdated UT3 engine.


                  Well a very early trailer of UT2007 has door-like system. 0.26 [] ;
                  AFF use a different one : it opens when the vehicle is stop, pilot or not.

                  you could use something like this (It may not work at all, just found this when messing with codes) :
                  if ( Controller == None )
                  if ( Occupied() )
                  for the door to be only open when there is nobody in or the door to close when someone get in.

                  Additional tutorials link (GeoDav) it never hurts:

                  Looking great, good luck for the door.


                    The door system still exists (in the scoprion). It isn't triggered. IIRC, even the animation exists.

                    Originally posted by BlackDog
                    Is there another way to copy the animtree info other than by ctrl+c ?
                    CTRL+C is the only option you have in most cases. In some cases you can export something into a different asset, but the workflow is strange, e.g. particle system emitter.


                      Originally posted by BlackDog
                      I took a look at the Scorpion anim set and found the hatch_close, hatch_open and hatch_idle animations.
                      Cool stuff - Does it open when you get in and close when you get out?
                      I never existed in UT3. It's a relict of UT2007's WIP code.

                      You can play the animation like this:
                      // on BeginPlay
                      // when player enters
                      // when player leaves


                        Originally posted by BlackDog
                        In the classes I see three Scorpion.uc files
                        Which one do you put the code in?
                        None of them. You have to create your own subclass.

                        Originally posted by BlackDog
                        Does it matter where the code goes in the text?
                        In general, yes.

                        Originally posted by BlackDog
                        I would like to do just two animation, frist one have the open then close.
                        I would like to call the animation door_action.
                        And the second animation no movement at all, just have the door stay closed.
                        I would like to call the animation door_closed_idle.
                        Could I make the code like this.

                        // on BeginPlay
                        // when player enters
                        // when player leaves
                        I do not want the door open all the time when car is not in use.
                        Then do so, there's no limitation where you put or if you put any of these calls in your script.


                          i work new toy, rach sable aircraft

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	UT3sable.jpg
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