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    3D import weird gitch

    Need Help !!
    Finally took some time & courage : importing a custom character in UT3. Never done anything like that so I try various things, read tuto etc.........
    Step by step in 3ds max :
    - loading UT3 Female rigs, deleting every meshes.
    - import CHaku (character name) meshes, scale them to the skeletons & finally skinning everthing together
    - Apply Unwrap UV to get correct UV.
    - Export every mesh via Actor X to psk.
    - Import every mesh in UT3Ed, import Textures,create Materials.
    - Put everything together (apply materials, add socket)
    - Save everthing and create a .INI (Family : IRNF)
    It start to get weird now.
    - Start UT3, go to PlayerCustomization, select the newly great Character : Impec
    - start a match : Oo demoGuy(ironguard) with male voice and female 1PArm
    - change character (other family), start a match agianst only CHaku : Working fine
    - Add bot from same familly (Lauren) : 2 Lauren Model ingame : CHaku and Lauren

    Not understanding anything.........

    Absolute Restecp to euchreplayer23 & SKaa3w for all those models

    The mod family has 2 unique names ,CharID="X",
    You can not have the same ID as another family bot Whatever the case if it is a twinsoul or ironguard the CharID is unique

    the family to which it is directed against the iron is female , PartsID this faction already contains data (can not have the same ID)

    UT3 original

    Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="CH_IronGuard_Mal e.Mesh.SK_CH_IronG_Male_Head01",PartID="A",FamilyI D="IRNM")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="CH_IronGuard_Mal e.Mesh.SK_CH_IronG_Male_Head02",PartID="B",FamilyI D="IRNM")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="CH_IronGuard_Mal e.Mesh.SK_CH_IronG_Male_Head03",PartID="C",FamilyI D="IRNM")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="CH_IronGuard_Mal e.Mesh.SK_CH_IronG_Male_Head04",PartID="D",FamilyI D="IRNM")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="CH_IronGuard_Fem ale.Mesh.SK_CH_IronG_Female_Head01",PartID="A",Fam ilyID="IRNF")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="CH_IronGuard_Fem ale.Mesh.SK_CH_IronG_Female_Head02",PartID="B",Fam ilyID="IRNF")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="CH_IronGuard_Fem ale.Mesh.SK_CH_IronG_Female_Head03",PartID="C",Fam ilyID="IRNF")

    we look at the ini that already contains iron guard id (a, b y c) IRNF you have to use a different ID of a, b and c
    And ( a , b , c y d ) IRNM

    Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="Package.Group.Na meOfHead",PartID="D",FamilyID="IRNF")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="Package.Group.Na meOfHead",PartID="E",FamilyID="IRNM")

    UE3 partsID X = X = Bad ( X = N = good )

    be careful sometimes mods may already have an id in this case use another id
    Example Mod X

    Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="Xblades.Mesh.Nam e",PartID="E",FamilyID="IRNF")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Torso,ObjectName="Xblades.Mesh.To rsoe",PartID="E",FamilyID="IRNF")
    Parts=(Part=PART_ShoPad,ObjectName="Xblades.Mesh.S hoPadx",PartID="E",FamilyID="IRNF")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Arms,ObjectName="Xblades.Mesh.Arm s",PartID="E",FamilyID="IRNF")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Thighs,ObjectName="Xblades.Mesh.T highs",PartID="E",FamilyID="IRNF")
    Parts=(Part=PART_Boots,ObjectName="Xblades.Mesh.Bo ots",PartID="E",FamilyID="IRNF")

    Characters=(CharName="Ayumi",Description="<Strings :>",CharID="Ayumi",bLocked="false",Faction="Irondg uard",PreviewImageMarkup="<Images:Package.Textures .NameUI>",CharData=(FamilyID="IRNF",HeadID="E",Tor soID="E",ShoPadID="Ex",bHasLeftShoPad=false,bHasRi ghtShoPad=false,ArmsID="E",ThighsID="E",BootsID="E "),AIData=(Tactics=1.0, StrafingAbility=1.0, Aggressiveness=0.1, Accuracy=0.4,FavoriteWeapon="UTGame.UTWeap_ShockRi fle"))

    the mod Xblades use ID=E

    your mod conflicts with 2 is called partiId = d in to the same faction

    and has to assign a favorite weapon,
    If you are waking side ways or floating off the floor.
    Then change two setting in the Head anims.

    Origin Z = -51
    RotOrigin Yaw = -90


      If you post your ini file for your characters, I will be able to help you out more.

      Like skaa3w mentioned make sure your charID and PartID is something completely different from any other model in game. Don't use "A" make it longer and weirder.
      +Characters=(CharName="Grunt",Description="",CharID="Grunt5685",Faction="GodOfWar3",PreviewImageMarkup="<Images:CH_GodofWar3.Pics.CHGrunt>",        CharData=(FamilyID="NECM",HeadID="Grunt01",TorsoID="Grunt01",ArmsID="Grunt01",ThighsID="Grunt01",BootsID="Grunt01"))
      You should have 5 parts minimum for a human type char.

      Coming Soon:


        Yeah !

        Thanks !


          Well did some skin in the past so I triple-check my .ini :
          here is it :
          +Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="CybRHaku.CybRHa ku_Head",PartID="CybRHakuHd",FamilyID="IRNF")
          +Parts=(Part=PART_Arms,ObjectName="CybRHaku.CybRHa ku_Arms",PartID="CybRHakuA",FamilyID="IRNF")
          +Parts=(Part=PART_Goggles,ObjectName="CybRHaku.Cyb RHaku_Goggles",PartID="CybRHakuG",FamilyID="IRNF")
          +Parts=(Part=PART_Helmet,ObjectName="CybRHaku.CybR Haku_Helmet",PartID="CybRHakuHt",FamilyID="IRNF")
          +Parts=(Part=PART_Torso,ObjectName="CybRHaku.CybRH aku_Torso",PartID="CybRHakuT",FamilyID="IRNF")
          +Parts=(Part=PART_Boots,ObjectName="CybRHaku.CybRH aku_Boots",PartID="CybRHakuB",FamilyID="IRNF")

          +Characters=(CharName="CybRHaku",Description="<Str ings:>",CharID="CybRHaku",bLocked="false",Faction= "Ironguard",PreviewImageMarkup="<Images:>",CharDat a=(FamilyID="IRNF",HeadID="CybRHakuHd",GogglesID=" CybRHakuG",HelmetID="CybRHakuHt",TorsoID="CybRHaku T",ArmsID="CybRHakuA",BootsID="CybRHakuB"),AIData= (Tactics=1.0, StrafingAbility=1.0, Aggressiveness=0.5, Accuracy=0.9,FavoriteWeapon="UTGame.UTWeap_ShockRi fle"))
          Should I add some "nomesh part" on others parts ? Gonna try that now

          Did some try on a Fresh game 2 player me and CHaku and now it's only Default IronGuard (me or bot). if I add Lauren the CHaku bot become Lauren; Same thing if I add Desiree for example.
          don't really understand.... probably the 3ds max part where I'm still more than a noob.

          (Ps : nothing to do with it but can't play the (stock) XS-harpy cause it's reverse upside-down and sheild on the rear & not the front, any idea ?)

          Awesome Work (like always) on those BL characters some requests (lots of work sry) : Possible to add :
          - Males ?
          - Voice pack ?
          - 1P arms ? (for those playable)
          - Customs Heads ? (Hate Gaige default one)


            You must have a thigh part in there. Arms,Head,Torso,Thighs,Boots. MUST HAVE THIGH.
            Just get the 5 main parts in there first. Create the thigh though, a very small mesh hidden inside the others will do.
            +Characters=(CharName="CybRHaku",Description="",CharID="CybRHaku5685",Faction="Ironguard",PreviewImageMarkup="<Images:CHCybRHaku.Pics.CybRHaku>", CharData=(FamilyID="IRNF",HeadID="CybRHaku01",TorsoID="CybRHaku01",ArmsID="CybRHaku01",ThighsID="CybRHaku01",BootsID="CybRHaku01"))
            I have the female voices already done. 1st arms? People like those? Bomber, just pick one male character and I will do the model and his voice pack. Hate Gaige default one, what is wrong with it?


              Just add a hidden thigh mesh and it works Thx a lot !!!

              Personally love to see arms in 1st player. Gaige's & kreig's one especially are pretty nice.
              never play BL1 or BL3 so Marauders, Axton & Krieg would be nice. don't like Salvador & Zer0 much.
              Borderlands 2 got many awesome custom head so would be nice to be able to chose one to play with.
              Dunno why I don't like Gaige default head. too young looking hair not fitting the adolescent character ; personal taste I guess.
              No Maya ?


                for arms in 1st player a script is created UC staying there changes the whole skeleton master fps voices and materials , you need compiling new family info ( programing UE3 ) download " UT3ScriptSource_1.5 "

                C:\Users\*****\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Src
                Create folder " classes " FamilyinfoX.uc

                " UT3ScriptSource_1.5 " shearch familiyinfo ironguard or twinsoul ,etc

                view code re edit or add new and add new code pass

                C:\Users\*****\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config
                add in UTEditor.ini

                my new mod / mutator or family

                compiling UE3 editor ( check error ) - host reading data compiler Unpublished ( UPKs )

                Unpublished/scripts ( u files )

                C:\Users\*****\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config


                Pars + characters


                the first time so you have to get started to see programing UnrealScript