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Trouble Getting Preview Pic to Work

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    Trouble Getting Preview Pic to Work

    Was going through the detailed post about publishing a map. I got all the way to where I've imported my screen shot into a new group. Where I'm stuck is here...

    "(ie. put the MAT_ in front of the name) and right-click and edit the material, move the Texture Sample device so that the material has changed and click on the left green check button to Apply Changes. The material should now look totally black in the Generic Browser, this is because it is unlit."

    I don't know what a "Texture Sample Device" is and the preview already appears black. The check button that says "Apply" is greyed out. What do I do now? Pic attached.


    The texture sample device is the box containing the Link to your picture's texture in the material editor.
    On the left of your screenshot, You need to move the box containing the black texture and put it somewhere else (like Just a bit to the right for example). Be sure that the box is still connected to the big grey box containing your materials information by a line going to diffuse.
    By moving it around, the editor will register that the material has changed, and should prompt You to save the changes if You close the material editor window.