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Player Size Seems WAY Small

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    Player Size Seems WAY Small

    OK, so I'm very late to the UT3 Editor game, but it's pretty cool. Much easier than Call of Duty's editor, especially just getting to the point of testing the map. Anyway, I understand there's a lot of posts about what size doors and hallways should be, but in general, the scale is way off. I'm basing this statement on in-editor testing. Haven't tried publishing a map yet.

    For example, if I place a static mesh of a barrel, then hit the "Play this level," and I run up to that barrel, it looks to be about 8 feet tall. WTF? I didn't scale anything, just placed it. Save to assume those static meshes are already to the proper scale, right? I tried selecting everything to scale the map down, but as you all know, that did not work well at all.

    Is the in-editor play level thing accurate as far as the scale goes, or is the actual game view a larger scale? I know about the command line to scale up during the test, but that doesn't seem the right way.

    Any advice from the may UT3 vets out there?


    Welcome to the UT3 community.

    Some of the StaticMeshes are not a realistic size. You can resize any of the axis (X, Y, Z) or all of them. In Unreal Units, I do not know how tall the player is (I'm guessing around 80-100 units tall?).

    Here is the beginning of a level I'm currently making. It's very early in development (the default textured BSP in the background). The larger barrel is the default size, and the small, more realistic sized barrel is scaled overall by 0.5. Scaling is a critical part of mapping; I'd say 70-80% of the objects in a map are scaled in one or more axis(es).

    Click image for larger version

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    Here is an extreme example of scaling from the map VCTF-Containment. Normally this StaticMesh is used for extremely large objects, but can be changed.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Scale2.jpg
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    Bottom line is that if an object doesn't look like it should be the right size, just scale it up or down.

    To answer your second question, the in editor game is almost identical to the real game. For me at least, I can't pop the menu (or the editor game will glitch out), and my cross hairs will not show. The scale is identical.

    EDIT: I'm going to add on something to my last post about the idea of the "realistic size of StaticMeshes".

    For many StaticMeshes (like the barrel), their is only one realistic size, however for the item in the second picture, the most realistic size may be just that, that StaticMesh scaled down 0.03. For other maps however, maybe the default size of Scale 1.0 is a realistic size.


      Hey thanks for the great reply. I'll get to adjusting as I go. Thanks again.


        To me, it looks like Epic outsourced a lot of the mesh jobs. Someone familiar with the engine would have scaled things better before importing them into the game. Lots of meshes in the editor are scaled weird...,or Turkish...,or Asian. There are various programs out there for extracting meshes from other games. I have several & have extracted meshes from Tribes Ascend, Planetside 2, & other UE3 games. Umodel can extract static & skeletal meshes as well as textures. Link:
        Youtube has lots of tutorials on extracting content & mapping in the unreal engine.


          Not sure if Rumple is interested in chatting random but.....Just a guess- Since;- If you outsource to Epic @ Asia and produce "Asian/ Axon" content then you get a tax reduction from using the content relative to the country it was produced.
          • Same rules applies throughout EU i believe
          • Something the UK is new 2 and is great because i like making Fern trees
          • & let's not forgot the horrible past... UT3 was under a huge strain from day 1, infact every Unreal game has had problems with production/ time/budgets/ cuts,publishers or Hardware this was also most likely a deciding factor in the new UT model. UT3 was a game made for production and earnings so these issues are inevitable, new UT is not like that.
          • what's strange is the missing content, huge lack of UV's , lack of 'Normal' Textures, mismatched import compression. being shipped with a need to change ini's...

          @ OP:- the scale is not an issue,
          • when you re-size/re-scale, be careful with you collision bounds. Press "C" to show flag for collision or choose show flags > collision . Rocks can be a particularly nasty affair


            It would have been nice to have some more content to work with ya know? With UT2004 we had the advantage of having the content from UT2003 along with it, not to mention all the maps that '04 came with. You're right about UT3's issues with the publisher. Midway was in serious financial trouble & force Epic to release an unfinished game. The "Titan Pack" was actually the other half of the game we got 2 years later. Then all the problems with gamespy's ever famous duplicate log in issue or just having their servers randomly go down for no apparent reason, pretty much put this game in an early grave. A majority of the players just went back to '04. Some moved on to other games. The few that suck with it are hard core fans of the series & developers, mappers, & modders. If it wasn't for the modability of this game, it would have died completely within the first 2 months.