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[Solved] 2 questions related to gravity and Dodge ramps.

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    [Solved] 2 questions related to gravity and Dodge ramps.

    Hi all, my google-fu and the forum's search function having given me no satisfying answer i ask it here as it should be the good subforum.

    First, concerning gravity :

    Does anyone ever tried to slightly lower the gravity on a whole map. Not like moon gravity as in Morpheus but more of a tweak. I've done it recently on a Maliwan test, and after a couple of tries, changing the base gravity from -520 to -490 felt good. It allows for slightly longer dodges (around 10%) and longer wall-dodges. The only issue i found so far is that some hammer-jumps looks a bit too powerful.
    Does anyone tried it (if so tell me which map please) and/or found/can think of any issue ? Balance (weapon/movement/timing) seems good and trick-jumps are the same, just slightly easier to pull-out. There is nothing achievable that was not with standard gravity.

    I ask this as gravity has always felt a bit too strong in UT3 so i figured out the tweak could be an answer to that and my map being aimed at a more competitive game, i don't want to mess the balance.

    Second question, concerning dodge-ramps :

    For people that don't know of what i'm talking about, they are the ramps where you dodge toward the bottom, and the physics will make you go up (DM-Rankin ramps basically). Can be called Slope-dodge aswell. They were easy to do in UT99 and UT2k, it's a shame they are that hard to do in UT3 imo.

    Anyone know how they work in UT3 ? I've tried BSP/mesh with no friction via custom physical materials and different collision models, the BTRamp.u script and volume from Bunny trails gamemode and both solutions without/with a gravity volume added. I tried each on multiple angle/length/height. I've done like 50 ramps or something so far.
    Whatever the way i do them, they are really glitchy. Some time they work well, some time they launch you too strong and sometime you just seem to bounce of invisible walls.

    The only somewhat consistent slope-dodge i can make are mesh ramps, no friction physical material and a -50 gravity volume (base gravity is -520) panned 32units from the ramp. To pull the move out on this ramp you dodge toward it at the bottom then let all direction buttons go until you're on top of the ramp and that's not really satisfying to me as most of the time you'll want to correct a little the direction, and you'll bounce on an invisible wall :/

    I tried to understand why it works that well in DM-Eluded for instance but can't figure what is different.

    Any clue on how to get them work consistently ?

    I found the dodge-ramp solution.

    While searching in all my installed maps to find more examples of dodge-ramps (it's such an exotic feature in UT3 and now i understand why), i stumbled upon DM-Q3ProTourney4 from Chonglee. The map has 2 standard dodge-ramps and a big one for impact use. They never have any issues so surely the mapper knows how to do that. I check the map in editor and can't really find the answer. Google finally give me the answer with that "map name" + "dodge ramp". Sweet !

    Here's the Tutorial if anyone want it :

    Basically what i you need to do is setting up an invisible mesh for collision with the no-friction physical material at the same place of your no-collision visible ramp mesh.

    Big kudos to Chonglee for finding the perfect solution with no glitches. Even if you don't read this, thanks a lot for taking the time to write a tutorial