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    Level Morphing

    Hi everyone

    We have to do a side-scrolling game. The character is a little girl that have the power to change the environment around her. Reel world, Dream world and Nightmare.

    So we have to find a way that, with 2 key on the keyboard, morph the world around her...

    I already use kismet, but i don't see how i can morph 80% of the environment...

    So...any idea ??


    UDK != UT3

    And morphing world means no lightmass for morphed stuff. Have fun, gl, or wait for Unreal Engine 4.


      You can make 3 levels, but it would have to load, you could also make the 3 worlds in the same level and let her teleport between them, as a 3rd option you could make object (dis)appear when you press the button to change the worlds, but as the person above me says the objects would not have any lightning, unless when you first load all the objects and then make the ones from the other world disappear, it would leave a shadow though.


        Why are we getting a huge influx of UDK requests.

        • The UT3 forum is now 45% UDK, great stuff. + 1 for the forum layout and mod's i suppose, or maybe people just don't read.
        • not to mention the majority of people take a request then leave never to return again sometimes even without thanks or posting the fix lol.

        As for all that is mentioned above, im not sure what shadowskullslayer is talking about, shadows will be updated if you are using dynamic lightning.Its Dynamic lighting, the key is in the name.
        Looking at the video's on your You tube channel you have already done what you are asking. Please be specific with what your 80% entails, you can then obtain specific responses and help..

        • Mesh & skeletal mesh will work,
        • materials and textures can be done
        • , sound is compatible.
        • Lightning can be done.
        • There is also a demo on the forums of someone creating In-Game Dynamic Terrain and landscape.

        May i ask what more you could possible wish to do?

        i forgot to say, your game looks good