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Character Pieces Cooking Tutorial - PS3

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    Character Pieces Cooking Tutorial - PS3

    Can anyone reference me to a tutorial or completely explain to me on how to cook character pieces for the PS3? In general, I'm trying to revise the CustomChar.ini files. I've used the umodel program to extract textures, skeletal meshes, etc. Then I've re-imported those textures into the .upk using the editor, saved the new file, cooked the file, saved the USERDATA.JAM file to USB, and uploaded it to the PS3. But what ends up happening on the PS3 is, the characters show up in the Player Settings fine and all, but when I put them as bots into a game, and start the game, my PS3 never loads the match.

    There's a lot of steps to doing this right and I feel I'm really close. Anyone out there that can help?


    send a message to maybe he can help you