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Where to host a really big file? - Solved

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    Where to host a really big file? - Solved

    Been looking all around the internet... as fun a place as it is... but, I can't seem to find any free sites to host a very large file. It's a 7-zip archive containing quite a few maps I was hoping to put up as a single map pack download rather than hosting each and every single map as a unique download and just slapping them together on a single page.

    Most of the free sites I have come across like Filefront wont allow you to upload more than maybe 100 MB, not really sure if it's even that high. That and they are fantastic at deleting files from their servers without notifying you, so another reason I am trying to avoid them.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW - The file is currently 317 MB.

    and 317 mb isn't that much


      UnShame is that the content i released that you are using in you Assault map?

      - if it is make sure you have the up to date content with correct UV's and mat id's - if you don't then download it from UOF because it will be useful for you
      [Content incidently is hosted on GameFront and is about 960 MB]
      - sorry for the semi-offtopic


        Awesome, thanks guys.