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Kismet Logic Problem - Making a randomly flickering light

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    Kismet Logic Problem - Making a randomly flickering light

    I've been getting some good practice with Kismet on my upcoming level, and I should be having a beta out soon. Just one Kismet issue that's been bugging me - and yes, I did some searching and tried a few tweaks to get it to work.

    Basically put, I want to make a randomly flickering light. It's behind a door to a non-accessible area, meaning the source can't be seen - so no static mesh issues here. I tested it and used a tutorial to produce a basic one which flickers on a consistent basis, and it works fine. I've been wanting to make a randomly flickering one that doesn't have a consistent "schedule" for flickering, because I wanted to make sure I get some more experience with Kismet. So I tried the following experiment.

    First, I made a Level Startup node, which outs to a Matinee playing the light flicker sequence. When it's completed, it goes to the start of a delay, which has a variable value as opposed to a preset one in the settings - a random float that chooses a number from 0.1 to 3 seconds. After that's finished, it connects back to the start of the Matinee, which should repeat the process.

    Instead, the light remains entirely static in-game, without any flickering, much less a random one. I also exposed a PlayRate variable on the Matinee itself (I'm assuming that tells Matinee to perform it's actions on a certain time basis like a Delay) with the same random float, but this did not bear results any more fruitful than the previous attempt. I'm still quite new to Kismet, though I've made some elevators, automatic movers, and even a conveyor belt so far - and I'm wondering what's wrong with the "game logic" I'm using to make it work. Is it because I'm attaching two things to one Start plug-in? Thanks in advance.

    -You should also include a picture of your matinee, but don't worry just do this.

    - Open DM-Arsenal; it has what you want.
    - C+ P the light + kismet....and add your delay.

    - play rate is nothing to do with delay.
    - if your matinee = 2 seconds, & your playrate = 2, the matinee will last 1 second [twice as fast]