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Particle meshes and materials

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    Particle meshes and materials

    It's been a while since I've used mesh data in a particle system and I can't find any of my old references to reverse engineer for my current project.

    The issue I am having is simply the material isn't showing up in editor or in game. I have dynamic lights set, and dynamic channel is checked on the particle system. For the material I have checked "bOverrideMaterial"

    should I add a Mesh Material node to the system, or an initial color?

    Solved my first issue. Apparently particles do not like having transparency on them. However, I am making a broken glass effect for when you shoot the windows in the level so they need to be transparent. I've tried a combination of opacity blending and Fresnel. But the material disappears in both the editor and game windows if material blend mode is set to transparent.

    Also the material isn't showing up in the game, instead they come out black as if dynamic lights are not set but they are. Dynamic lights are set, dynamic channels are ticked on both the lights themselves and the particle system. Any other reason why they won't show up correctly?