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UT3 Bots and Doors

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    UT3 Bots and Doors

    This is primarily a UT3 question and not necessarily for UDK... (I was told to move this post to here)

    For a map I'm doing in Unreal I want to have doors that operate with the "use" function by pressing the "E" key. That works just fine.

    My question is, can I get a bot to do this? At present, there doesn't appear to be a "use" function option in the door marker properties. I see only "touch" and "shoot"

    Any ideas?

    put another trigger that opens door and can be activated only by bots


      I tried that but it seems that the player still trips it anyway. Is there a "bot" variable that I am missing?


        Unshame is correct-
        * making a new trigger for bots is the easiest way.

        - The trigger should be activated by the "AI_Controller"
        - Unless you have made your own game code/ then correctly change this to your game code ai controller

        - You can also use Kismet to Create a Bool situation.

        - trigger > touched > check bool > is the bool true ? > if yes > activate the door.

        - The bool should be - your AI_Cotroller ;
        - so if a player touches the trigger- set bool to false- continue to next sequence do not play animation on door.

        - if a BOT/ AI controller touches the trigger - set bool to true- and open the door.


          Thanks for the advice. It got me thinking but ultimately I found this to be simpler.

          [touch trigger] -> [object comparison] -> [open var / player] -> [play animation]

          It's basically just two nodes and I set an open variable as the target of the trigger and linked it to slot A of the object comparison node, then plugged a player variable into slot B. Used the option [A!=B] and plugged that into the play animation. It seems to work just fine.