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    You can test Sizes/ units in unreal editor; just change the x,y,z of a cube [brush component] and you can see a real image/ cube of your collision sizes.
    * take your projectile and place it in editor
    - try to make a box around it; this will be a good size.

    - Skeletal mesh usually handle there own collision

    - maybe an example will help you
            Begin Object class=SkeletalMeshComponent Name=MeshFrame
        //Rotation=(Yaw=384) // Pitch No, Roll Not tested
            End Object
        //skeletal mesh collision
        Begin Object Name=CollisionCylinder
        End Object


      Okay cool. Do I need permission from game companies if I want to use their sounds in my mod? For example like if I wanted to use the assault rifle fire sound in Na Pali for my UTWeap_CombatAssaultRifle, do I need to get permission of the makers of Unreal Na Pali before I use it or will they not care cause it is just a mod?


        Do you know where I can find the UT99 scriptsource and is there a scriptsource for Unreal Na Pali available?


          umm why?

          - you should not need these scripts for weapons; UT3 has all the existing unreal source code;
          - the old scripts are outdated/ not useful/
          - u would find it easier just starting from ut3 code;

          - i looked at the assault rifle and it confused the pants off me.
          - same for making a grenade; even with source code from ut2004 it aint gonna work unless you can code

          stick with up to date code

          - P.s is you feel like you need practice; i have a few project weapons i would appreciate some help with.
          - got most if not all of them complete; just not polished;
          - got a few weapons that i only have ut2004 source for; and having trouble making ut3 versions.

          - there's always room for improvements and im always half way through making something that will never be finished,


            The provided link is not the official release. It's a modified version of Unreal called Hyper Unreal

            Official releases:
            UT v436 ScriptSource

            Unreal Tournament Source Code (432)

            Originally posted by TKBS View Post
            UT3 has all the existing unreal source code;
            - the old scripts are outdated/ not useful/
            - u would find it easier just starting from ut3 code;
            If someone wants to create a port of some objects (weapons, items, etc.) it's always good to inspect the old code.
            UT3 doesn't provide all the Unreal code nor all the Unreal Tournament code.

            But you're right, UTCollector88 should stick to the source of UT3. The UT3 source code is more "readable" and well structured.

            The old editors of Unreal Engine games supports a class browser. The UnrealEd 2.0 has a class browser on the right side, and you can export all classes.


              Okay then. I will stick with UT3 source code if it is easier. I mainly thought it might help with the Assault Rifle. Scratch that idea then.

              You still haven't answered my first question in post 17?

              I haven't done much coding yet I am doing the modeling and animations and UVMapping first in Blender for all the weapons.

              Another thing. Is there a site you guys know where you can get good left and right side images of UT weapons? I want to use these as background images to model on to start off with. I tried Liandri Archives but that site isn't the best for images. And google images search doesn't come up positive for every weapon I tried to look for.